What a Week!

What a week of posts, whew! I feel like I posted something new almost everyday… Oh wait, I did. In case you didn’t notice, the transition from solely book blog to combination book-cook blog is complete. To be honest, it’s made me feel better and happier than ever. I never realized how excited cooking makes me, but now I can’t seem to stop. (Of course it helps that I can foist off my baked goods onto coworkers)

I am absolutely exhausted from this past week in particular, because in case you didn’t notice- I didn’t exactly post my usual weekly update last Sunday. I do feel quite guilty about it… My life has been this overwhelming mixture of work, class and podcast preparations. It’s not an excuse- but I hereby promise to get back on the train!

Perhaps it’s springtime, but perhaps it’s this exciting slew of things coming up in my very near future that has my mood so optimistic. This weekend I hosted Passover-style dinner potluck and I absolutely loved each moment of it. Part of what makes cooking so fun is who you serve to. It was great fun to cook spinach quiche, chocolate babka, chocolate matzah and cauliflower cheese for all my guests. This Saturday really just reminded me about how much I loved serving food to people. Giving to someone by feeding them is just such a fantastic feeling, and all this dinner party convinced me of was that I simply must find a way to serve more food!

It’s also almost time to convince myself to run outside and maybe to cook some delicious summer recipes. Like yesterday, for instance, I threw together octopus, quinoa and pesto for a quick meal. Hot. Damn. I don’t usually brag… But I can’t stop myself. Simplicity is the best inspiration.

Before I leave you to more recipes and books, I’ll mention something officially on iTunes and that I’m super excited about: a podcast. This is not to say that I have yet another one to promote (though I may… Have started a few more). But guess what? Rebecca and I are in the podcast business! Our name is the Brunch Break. And the content? Well, you will just have to listen to find out. You can find it on Soundcloud or ITunes, so subscribe for some fun culture gabbing.

Until next week, friends! If you have anything to add, comment below 🙂

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