Book Review: The Boss Series by Lexy Timms

25989722Title: The Boss Series (Books 1-4)

Author: Lexy Timms

Genre: Romance, Self-Published, Contemporary

Publisher: Dark Shadow Publishing

Published: July 27, 2015 (For Book 1)

Page Amount: 156 pages (For Book 1)

Blurb From Goodreads: Jamie Connors has given up on finding a man. Despite being smart, pretty, and just slightly overweight, she’s a magnet for the kind of guys that don’t stay around. Her sister’s wedding is at the foreground of the family’s attention. Jamie would be find with it if her sister wasn’t pressuring her to lose weight so she’ll fit in the maid of honor dress, her mother would get off her case and her ex-boyfriend wasn’t about to become her brother-in-law. Determined to step out on her own, she accepts a PA position from billionaire Alex Reid. The job includes an apartment on his property and gets her out of living in her parent’s basement. Jamie has to balance her life and somehow figure out how to manage her billionaire boss, without falling in love with him.

Why Read: There was an *ahem* misunderstanding when I tried to read the Boss by Abigail Barnette. All I knew about the book I had been recommended was that it was called the Boss and that there was a series on them… so I immediately found this book instead. It’s a completely different animal from Barnette’s books (and to be honest… definitely nowhere in their atmosphere).

Review: Part of me wants to say don’t read this. The writing is not my cup of tea and I don’t really like the main character, Jamie Connors. That said, it’s kind of refreshing to read a book about romance and illicit love that does talk about body image and self confidence. Jamie’s family is in no way kind to her and her sister just focuses on her own wedding, never mind her fiancee is Jamie’s ex-lover. Yeah… it’s complicated. But the sex scenes are fairly spicy, and if only for that reason – it’s amusing to read the interactions between Alex Reid and Jamie.

The redeeming qualities in this book? That it discusses body image. Unfortunately… (and I really only picked up on this around Book 3 or 4) the way that it portrays body confidence as related to self-confidence leaves much wanting. The main character is constantly complaining and obsessing over her body image and about how she simply *must fit into that size 8 dress. Considering her family, I get it. The problem is, most readers will probably find it selfish and frustrating to read about this subject. That said, it was nice to hear Reid tell Jamie that her body wasn’t too big or too much for him, and that he didn’t care. BUT the book in general promotes losing weight and unhealthily eating to become more confident. SO. You can imagine how frustrating that was to read.

So no, I don’t want to you, reader, to read this. The books are only around 150 pages and that made it bearable. Good sex scenes – alright. But I wouldn’t waste my time again to read this.

Rating: 2/5 Stars

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