Weekends in London

Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday!

Remember how last week I was in my vibe of comfort and routine? That was definitely not last weekend. Sure I went to the gym and I slightly increased my attendance in yoga. But things changed as the end of last week rounded the corner. Not only did I realize I should be tossing my roasted vegetables in different mixtures of olive oil and spices, but I also took another trip to London. (Surprise!)

Those of you who know me, know London is one of (if not my favorite) cities. It’s awesome (Also my dearest friend Rebecca resides there!) My weekend trip was primarily because it was her 23rd birthday, and we wanted to ring in another year with pub food, drinks and a casual trip to see the Phantom.

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I arrived in London in the afternoon, and to my large surprise: it was gray… just like Berlin. As we prepared for dinner in her flat, preparations got serious. I almost never wear makeup, but when I’m with Rebecca – I love trying new foundations, lipsticks and in short, all of the experimental makeup that I don’t touch with a stick at home. That said, we had fun getting ready with Hamilton music and eating probably the most unhealthy thing I’ve had in months. Buttermilk Fried Chicken. Alcoholic Milkshakes. Fried Green  Tomatoes and Fries. A seriously Instagrammable meal and nothing I regret. Period.

Motto of the weekend: Sin.

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Phantom time!

We drank, danced and rang in her birthday by sprinting to Her Majesty’s Theatre. Saturday was a day of delicious brunch, because if there’s another way to spend Saturday morning, I don’t know it. Avocado mash and a poached egg – I have nothing to complain about. The rest of the day was filled with light shopping, and meandering around the city. Picture Mexican food with Rebecca’s friends, Carina and Carla, followed by Phantom and drinks: One word: Yes.

Small Phantom Aside: Keep in mind, I’ve seen Phantom before in NYC, but never on the West End. I struggle even now to come up with words to describe how fantastic of a performance I saw. Every song was beautifully performed and I felt the actors especially ready for a good night. Also four words: Ben Forrestor’s Final Liar. What an incredible performance.

Magical brunch
Magical brunch

Moving on… There are so many other things I feel like I could talk about, but I have to save something for the next post… since I was so horrendously late in this one. Now for the books. With work on the rise and routine becoming a stronger part of my life, books are finally making a comeback! I listen to so many audiobooks now, and the normal written word for my commute – that I can almost feel the weight of the words in my head.

Magical Weekend Memories
Magical Weekend Memories

This past week?

Note: In case you haven’t noticed, I’m beginning to make my book reviews biweekly because there are so. many. more. Enjoy that. Until next time! (Which will be sooner than you think, because the sun came out in Berlin, and that means activities!)

6 Comments Add yours


    1. Gabriella says:

      Even though I procrastinated LIKE A BOSS, IT WAS FUN AND MADE ME HAPPY TO WRITE ABOUT.

    1. Gabriella says:

      Everything was super delicious 😀

  2. Heather says:

    I’m so jealous you got to go to London. I love that city so much. I’m pretty sure I left my heart there when I went. And fried chicken? Yes please!

    1. Gabriella says:

      It’s probably my favorite city too 🙂 YES. All of the fried chicken.

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