Working Girl

In case you couldn’t tell by the title… I started work this week. I can’t exactly say where; contracts and the lot *dramatic eye roll. But suffice it to say that this week has probably been one of the best I’ve had since entering Germany. Not only because I absolutely love my job, but also because things are just really great.


Let me explain.

This week I learned how the use the oven. Not that I didn’t understand how it worked before, but knowing my oven back stateside – I had always been very hesitant using any oven. But this week – I used it almost every night of the week cooking sweet potatoes, cabbage, and as many vegetables as I could think of. It was actually incredible. I went to a political pub night last week hosted by Young Democrats Abroad – and *surprise it was actually really fun. You don’t realize how much you miss talking about politics until you don’t for 8 months.

On a more work-related front, I’ve started wearing foundation and eyeliner every morning (Only Kiko brand – but still, worth it!). Most of you know me and know my relationship with makeup (i.e. that I don’t really have one) – but wearing a little bit every day and noticing how much more professional I feel has been a real eye-opener. While I certainly won’t wear makeup all the time now… I’ve been convinced of how great it is for work.

giphy-2This week has been utterly fantastic health-wise. I made a conscious decision that I would bring lunch to work and create my own salads to remain more healthy. I tend to stick to healthy and easy options like spinach, tofu, tomatoes and bell peppers. It’s simple, delicious and awesome. I also started a new workout regime which has been absolutely killer. My legs have never been sorer *I say now, and I’m hoping that it kicks me in the butt. It’s from one of my favorite lifestyle blogs, Byrdie – which I really recommend you check out! I still have somehow been making time to attend yoga, granted at 7am – but as long as it works, it works.

I’ve also found more great podcasts to listen to: WSJ Heard on the Street, Slate’s Whistlestop, and The Audio Long Read from the Guardian.

Recipes for this week

Bildschirmfoto 2016-02-20 um 18.57.08Baked Sweet Potato and Cabbage Wedges 

  • Take a Sweet Potato: Wash it, and poke some holes it in with a fork
  • Without Preheating, place the sweet potato in the oven at around 219C and with a piece of parchment paper to cake the oil, leave it in there for 45 minutes
  • In the meantime, cut up a cabbage into wedges, season with some salt and pepper and place it in the oven on either a tray or baking-ware
  • Luckily, they both take around 45 minutes, so if you can time yourself correctly – it’s only about 5-10 more minutes for the cabbage to be done.
  • Personal tip: Add some pesto (Because pesto makes everything better)

Bildschirmfoto 2016-02-20 um 18.56.58Eggs, Brussel Sprouts, Cabbage and Beans

  • Fry an egg (I have faith in your ability to do this)
  • Clean and chop up Brussel sprouts and cut some small pieces of cabbage too (or really any vegetable you want), also grab some white beans (I used canned)
  • Place them in a pan over medium heat and hang out with them until they’re finished cooking
  • Add some grape tomatoes (and again pesto (Are you sensing a trend?)) and enjoy!


Also some cool stats I found:

  • There will be 9 billion people worldwide by 2050. (UN)
  • At the halfway point of the Appalachian Trail, most hikers eat 1/2 gallon of ice cream. (REI)

Weekly Roundup: DONE.

Talk to you guys next week!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Heather says:

    Congrats on the job! And more importantly, congrats on the utilisation of your oven 🙂
    I’ve cut meat out of my diet recently and I’m having the best time trying out vegetarian recipes. I had lentil nachos last week – they were amazing! I’ll tweet you the recipe tonight. They were so quick and easy to make.

    1. Gabriella says:

      Ahh thank you 😀 yes let’s be real here… Oven usage is much more important in the long run. And Oooh really? I’ve mostly done that as well- mostly out of laziness though haha. those sound delicious- please send me the recipe 😀 I will post more recipes then so we can share vegetarian freedom haha.

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