Somehow… a productive week has emerged

13533740To be perfectly candid, I expected last week to be absolutely horrid. I had nothing to do, not counting a couple journalism assignments… and well, you know the quote: “Idle hands make the devil’s workshop.” Though, I can’t say I knew that quote until I just googled it a second ago (It seemed reasonable). Luckily though, my week was not actually anything equivalent to the devil’s workshop. I got my act together and wrote three book reviews that I’ve been meaning to get out for awhile – so expect those soon 🙂 On the book note, I have finally gotten my act together on the reading front. I listened to one book about George Washington and another which read his Farewell Address– still crying. Currently, I’m plowing through the brick that is Thomas Jefferson: The Art of Power by John Meacham. Verdict so far? It’s absolutely incredible. I knew I loved the all founding fathers, despite Hamilton’s hatred of Jefferson – and this book has proved to me even more so how much I have been underappreciating all of the leaders who helped create our country. Up this week is finishing the Art of Power and Of Things Gone Astray. I have *ahem bought a few other books for the overnight bus journey to Amsterdam, so hopefully something else will get done.

Bildschirmfoto 2016-02-08 um 15.49.32In personal news: the power in my apartment is out for a bit, so I feel very 1800s in my lack-of-power life and wandering around with candles. But the weather has finally gotten warmer in Berlin, and by that – I say *warmer as in 45 degrees Fahrenheit. I’ve been keeping busy actually, so I’m not at the house so often. There’s yoga – my favorite Jivamukti studio. I attended a Restorative class last Sunday, and it was probably the best decision I’ve made all week. My spine is s o  s p a c e d  o u t. I attended an English class today and as per usual, they do not disappoint, probably because I also went to Daluma finally and got a delicious breakfast bowl of chia pudding and buckwheat porridge.

And in the most exciting news: I’m going to Amsterdam tonight (Partially why I am banging out this post before I go). I’m very excited to see a couple of friends there and check out a city again that I’m very fond of. It’s my last weekend vacation until I start work, which is next week somehow (Can you imagine?)

Anyhow: I leave you with recommendations as always (Jefferson Hour please) to listen to more podcasts, more books about the founding fathers, travel advice, food pictures and personal notes. I’m planning on hopefully having a yoga sequence next week set to Hamilton…. I’m working on it still and it’s proving a little challenging (but keep your hopes up!) Hope your weeks are going as strangely well as mine are!

Namaste friends!

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  1. Heather says:

    Gosh you make me feel unproductive – you always have so much stuff happening! I don’t know how you find time to read.

    1. Gabriella says:

      Psssh nonsense 🙂 you read so much though!

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