Book Review: Christmas Cravings by Emma Hamilton

27319210Title: Christmas Cravings

Author: Emma Hamilton

Genre: Contemporary Romance, Romance, Christmas, Womens Literature

Publisher: Bastei Entertainment

Published: November 20, 2015

Page Amount: 98 pages

Blurb From Goodreads: How could everything that seemed so right suddenly have gone so wrong for Mia? Snow is on the ground and Christmas lights twinkle in the German Christmas market. The warm, spiced wine is just right, but there’s still one key ingredient missing from her romantic dream. Will Mia’s Christmas turn out to be sugar and spice and all things nice – or a deflated soufflé of loneliness and regret?

Why Read: What can I say? I’m a sucker for free books from Netgalley – even if they are romance novels that I normally wouldn’t read on a rainy day. It didn’t help that the setting was a German Christmas Market… currently the country that I’m staying in, and that the main character is (of all things) a baker, who has a love story with a British man who lives in the countryside. No, no – and it most certainly didn’t help that Contemporary Romance novels are just too much fun to not read during the holidays.

Review: I buzzed through the book on one train ride to school. That’s right. 98 pages came and went in the space of one hour, and although I’m satisfied after clicking to the last page – I cannot give it more than a 3 rating without reservations. Christmas romance novels were never meant to be enormous bricks of books, embellishing on every snowflake and Christmas dish – but is it too much to ask for a little complication, and a little unexpected depth? In this case: yes.

Don’t get me wrong – Christmas Cravings is not meant to be particularly difficult to understand. It is not written poorly, and the characters are fun caricatures that I would expect to see in a movie like Love Actually of Bridget Jones Diary. There is nothing inherently wrong with this book, except that I wanted more. Lovers spat during Christmas with mysterious origins? I was ready for a tale of horror or at least something with a little more pizzazz.

Mia’s journey with her friend to Germany to escape her unraveling love story isn’t exactly written in chronological order either. The story alternates between the history of her relationship and her time spent in Germany with her friend, who is currently trying to distract her from recounting every move she’s made in an attempt to figure out why Tom (the boyfriend) isn’t responding to her. Not exactly a difficult challenge to solve…

All of these issues aside, the writing style is quick-witted and I ultimately enjoyed myself very much on that train ride, and was disappointed as it quickly round up all the loose ends. My verdict? I wouldn’t buy it, but if an opportunity comes to grab a quick read (for free) or otherwise, pick it up. An hour won’t go wasted.

Rating: 3/5 Stars

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