Visitors from Jolly Old England

IMG_3968Late in what seems to be a poor choice of routine, my post for last week comes up on the Wednesday of the next week. Sorry about that, yeah. But last week was exciting, overwhelming and I’m currently running on two shots of coffee right now, so forgive me if my fingers are slightly trembling as I’m typing this. What happened last week? I finally got to see Elisabeth Das Musical, one of my favorite German musicals, in person! Not only that, I got to see this majestic piece of theater with my favorite expat: Rebecca.



While she was here, we ate far too much cake (if that’s even possible) and explored parts of Berlin that I have been wanting to see since November, namely Mauerpark. I went swinging (which by chance is not a new fancy term for dancing – it’s what it sounds like), and Rebecca and I went for seconds of Tequila Sunrises with Nachos.

Before she came, I was already having a pretty great week myself. My journalism courses are getting more fun and challenging with every passing week, and this week was no exception. I was able to conduct an interview with a complete stranger and write something mildly readable. Yoga is still a huge part of my life, and part of me wonders whether I should try and teach in German (But that’s a very small part, try 10%). I’m still obsessed with Hamilton, and everytime I listen to the soundtrack – I think I’m becoming more “Hamilton-esque”.

Reading… Well, I’ll leave that for next week. When you’re listening to ten podcasts and have to hear at least one Hamilton hit per day, it takes away from reading time significantly. To keep you occupied: here are some podcasts I *highly* recommend:

Enjoy that 🙂

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