December Writing Challenge: Day 2

Here we are at Day 2

Prompt: Love

The word love appears in our histories, philosophies, and in every culture no matter what country or time period. We use it to describe this burning feeling inside our chest, this yearning to break free from our original encaged souls and join with another kindred spirit. I can’t say I’ve ever felt such a feeling. With other people, I feel trapped by my own words, unable to act on feelings that burn my ribcage from the inside out.

But I feel it with music. Some songs touch you, and it breaks through every physical and mental barrier that exists between you and beats. The music reaches in with a practiced hand pulls me to my feet, twirling my body around in a circle on the ballroom floor. The notes echo in my ears when I walk along, and even my obsession for words is drowned out by the tingling in my toes. I just want to dance, my body yearns. Don’t stifle me!

Suddenly I think I know what it is to be in love. My heartbeat speeds up astronomically, and I feel my face breaking out into an unexpected smile. My blood feels like it’s beating out a tune on the inside of my veins and arteries, making me bounce as I walk and flash smiles at startled passersby. Yes. Because I just want to share my happiness. I want to take the music out of my earbuds and move it into yours, kind stranger. Let me give you a brief taste of what I’m smelling, how the world has turned from the cold desolation of winter into the giddy laughter as I feel like dancing down a sidewalk in broad daylight.

Maybe we don’t have to be in love to feel it. The steady thrumming of blood in our body tells us we’re alive without another person to confirm that yes, your heart is beating. Maybe love is just that, simple chemistry, strict and stringent chemicals interacting with one another inside your head. No one’s saying that it isn’t – but that cold scientific explanation doesn’t seem to resonate with normal citizens. We all want the same thing. We want to feel happy, to experience that rush of emotion, or that drop of the stomach when we suck in a burst of air because what other way is there to be when you’re too happy for words. There’s simply no way about it – love is in the air.

When we feel the love (so to speak), each breath of air feels like a lifeline to the beauty that is life. You never want to leave, because everything and everyone around you seems to be indefinitely in bloom. Sucking in a deep breath of air, my smile grows brighter. I want to dance, and my feet are itching to jump up and down as I go insane shrieking with happiness. It’s nighttime, true. And it’s freezing outside, true again. But the giddiness I feel cannot be replaced with anything even resembling a reality check. My whole body is full to the brim with joy and there’s just no room for anything else.

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