The Family Comes to Deutschland

My two younger cousins and I visiting Dresden (for Cake- naturally)
My two younger cousins and I visiting Dresden (for Cake- naturally)

As is evident by the title, some of my family came to Berlin this past week to visit for Thanksgiving and in doing so – made me late in posting my usual Sunday weekly overview (Apologies!). Crazily, the six of us did more sightseeing in Berlin than I’ve done in the last two months… quite a difference from my normal family vacations. We went to dinners, Checkpoint Charlie, the Bundestag, the Bundesrat, the Holocaust Memorial, the Brandenburger Tor, Dresden, and the Pergamon Museum to name a few. Long story short – I am exhausted!

I’ve put together a quick photo collection that I’ll post on Wednesday of Berlin and Dresden that is nowhere as beautiful as London in autumn, but there’s something comforting in dreary Germany – you’ll have to subscribe in order to find out what I mean… šŸ˜›

Besides spending 24/7 with my extended family, I haven’t done much in all honesty. Have I worked on my Nanowrimo this week? I have not. I am 7.500 words short and it’s the last day… but it’s not too much to ask myself for a day of all-out sprints, right? I tell myself it’s okay, in any case. Did I read any good books this week? Nope. Family trumps all in that sense.

Vagabund Brauerei
Vagabund Brauerei

What else? I attended a networking event at the Vagabund Brauerei, which I immediately have decided is one of my favorite Taproom vibes in all of Berlin. Perhaps that’s because it is run by Americans making craft beers for Berliners, perhaps not. The event itself was focused on Microbrewery and the business takeaways from the beer industry… which is not my field in every sense of the word, but I still found mildly interesting. In even bigger news, I have finally found a yoga studio that I like enough to commit for 6 months: Jivamukti Yoga (This may be because of the vegan cafe in the bottom floor of the studio… but I’m promising nothing). It’s a little different in style choices, given that Jivamukti is NOT Vinyasa yoga. Somehow though, I can tell that if I keep going back – it will grow on me bit by bit.

The last weekly update required its own paragraph because it is about Hamilton. Yes. Hamilton the Musical that is taking names in New York. Late as per usual, I just started listening to the album in the past week or so and I am absolutely obsessed. I owe my new obsession to Rebecca and one of my favorite political podcasts: Slate’s Political Gabfest. I cannot listen to anything else (except for One Directions’ new album – no shame) and I have never felt more patriotic in my whole life. I believe that is part of that is what makes the musical so powerful – it makes the very old history of Alexander Hamilton and the formation of our national banking system popular to discuss. Is that even possible!? It must be… because I have never spoken to so many people about the quintessential debates between Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton.

Hopefully everyone’s Thanksgiving week was just as fantastic as mine!

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