Vampires and Dolls Under Waterloo Bridge

Like I said last week – I making it a priority to blog more and in that spirit, here I am! Back in my cold and cozy Berlin after a wild and fantastic weekend in London with my friend Rebecca! Save your grumblings, I know – I’ve been to London before and it’s not much of a tourist destination… but it happens to be one of my favorite cities, and at the moment, contains one of my favorite people.

The Butterfly Chicken at Nandos with Charred Veg and Sweet Potato Wedges (and Hummus) is everything.
The Butterfly Chicken at Nandos with Charred Veg and Sweet Potato Wedges (and Hummus) is everything.

I departed Berlin on a dreary Friday afternoon and dropped into the London airspace about an hour and a half later. Since Rebecca studies at RADA (The Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts), she was in midterm season and I got some time to wander the city. Not that I really did that on Friday. Nope, instead I read I am Malala in a Waterstones near their campus and before you say anything – YES, it’s amazing. We grabbed a quick dinner at Nandos… like the cheeky lads we are, and finished off the night with some drinks in Camden.

Meanderings through London
Meanderings through London

Most of my Saturday was taken up by me deciding that the walk from Tottenham Court Road to Sloane Square wasn’t too long (though it’s actually 3 miles). I took far too many photos (and they’re being uploaded on Friday) and meandered for a good 3 or 4 hours. By the time I actually arrived at Sloane Square, there was a market on. Luckily for me, I just walked around and “sampled” some of whatever I could get.

Bourne and Hollingsworth's Terror on the Thames
Bourne and Hollingsworth’s Terror on the Thames

I met up with Rebecca around 4pm and we grabbed a quick dinner and then headed home for Halloween preparations. We were headed to the Bourne and Hollingsworth party called “Terror on the Thames” – and the place was just as fantastic as it sounds! We started out with some vodka-marinated gummies in the shape of witch legs and skulls while watching Halloweentown in the background (a classic). The party itself was INCREDIBLE. The music was all great to dance to (Let’s do the Time Warp Again, anyone?) and drinks were fantastic. By the time we headed out, we were ready for our favorite Chinese- Hungs. (Comes Strongly Recommended when Tipsy)

…in full costume of course.

Victorian Doll and Vampire
Victorian Doll and Vampire
Sunday Roast at the Hoop and Toy
Sunday Roast at the Hoop and Toy

As one does in London on a Sunday, we tackled a roast in South Kensington at the Hoop and Toy. After spending many 2 or 3 hours chatting, drinking wine and finishing off roast beef and Yorkshire pudding – we meandered. I mean seriously meandered. We spent maybe an hour or two in Hyde Park, walking all the way to Oxford Circus and then further through Mayfair and beyond. The night continued with snacking, my first viewing of Rocky Horror Picture Show and a small marathon of Doctor Who and Gilmore Girls (as one does).

The weekend ended with an obligatory Primark trip and a great lunch with a family friend near Hammersmith (great fun and fantastic as always). There were some drawbacks… such as my flight being canceled, a hasty rebook, almost missing my flight due to the new fluid regulations in the EU, and then delays because of the London fog, and taking the wrong train home at 1am… But ultimately I made it back to my cozy bed in Berlin

That’s it for this week, but I will be posting the book review for I am Malala this weekend along with a recipe for wintertime/recovery times – so look for that!

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