A Week of Cafe-Hopping

If there’s one thing that hipsters are known for… it’s cafe-hopping. Now, I’m not hipster by any stretch of the imagination, as far as I know- but I enjoy the occasional cafe hop. This week hasn’t been exceptionally cafe-hopping focused, but I’ve had my fair share of delicious cafe meals that are outrageously European and ~maybe~ posh.

The Coffee Gang

The Coffee Gang (From Website)
The Coffee Gang (From Website)

The hipster-est coffee shop in Cologne, I kid you not – is located at The Coffee Gang near to Zuplicher Platz. There’s cake, tea and every kind of coffee you can ask for. I have yet to order anything “exotic”, but who has ever heard of Black Tonic Coffee or Cabcara Coffee (that apparently is fruit flavored coffee??)? I did some homework here and sat around, mostly because there is wifi and tea (also the occasional piece of cheesecake). Worth it? Yes. Will I be spending my post-school days here just relaxing and acting as “euro” as possible? Probably.

Metzgerei Schmitz

Metzgerei Schmitz (From Website)
Metzgerei Schmitz (From Website)

I adore everything Schmitz. On Aachener Str. in Cologne, there is maybe 5 different kinds of Schmitz on offer. You can order ice cream, meat, go to the Salon or the Metzgerei to eat. Why? Who knows. Seems a bit monopolistic, but all the same – if the food is good and the Germans seem to be okay with it, then there’s no problem. Foodwise however, it is absolutely delicious. I have ordered so far: *too many* kinds of Eis (ice cream) at Eis Schmitz, and the Spinach-Feta Quiche at Metzgerei Schmitz. There’s nothing to say about the Eis that isn’t absolutely incredible and mouth-watering flavors. The Quiche… I had it fairly recently, so I’m still not over it. The overwhelming spinach tamed by feta and the absolutely delectable crust that held everything together was the treat I needed. (And you need too)

Conclusion: Cologne food culture is great. Come and try!

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