There’s Germany… and then there’s Doctor Zhivago

Now, it’s logical to think that I have an excess of travel information to regal readers with about Germany, Cologne and German speaking tips. While that’s not necessarily false, I don’t have the heart to simply talk about German related things. Because on one hand there’s Germany… and then there’s Doctor Zhivago.

Doctor Zhivago
Doctor Zhivago

If you’ve been on any of my social media sites recently, you’ll know that my favorite musical Doctor Zhivago has been causing quite a lot of drama. First, it was canceled after only a six week run (something I’m sure Broadway will be regretting for years to come). Then the album wasn’t certainly going to be published. Thankfully, the album was released on and Itunes for all to listen to the voices of Tam Mutu, Paul Nolan, Kelli Barrett, Tom Hewitt and Lora Lee Gayer (to name only a few).

So rather than being completely immersed in the German culture (not that it isn’t brilliant and fantastic), I’m somewhere halfway between Germany and the revolutionary Russia of Doctor Zhivago. I won’t go through all of the album in this one post (because expect a book otherwise), but I’ll share some of my favorite parts about the album with an intimidating TBD.

  1. Paul Nolan as the antagonist, Pasha, has the most moving story arc as a loving Moscow academic, who turns to the cruelty of war to avenge Lara…. TBD
  2. Tam Mutu and Kelli Barrett are almost perfect for each other (voice-wise), and “Watch the Moon” brings me to tears. His relationship with Lara (Lora Lee Gayer) and internal conflict are too much for me… TBD
  3. Komarovsky (Tom Hewitt) is a terrible human being, but his voice toasting the marriage of Yuri and Tanya is beautiful, as is his lament… TBD.
  4. The Ensemble are absolutely incredible, and I don’t have enough words to talk about the “Search” scene… TBD.

Anyways, I’ll talk about all of these things (and much more) in a blog post potentially next week or later this week. But I shall suddenly shift tracks here and give a Exercise routine. Remember how I said I would talk about an exercise routine, if I ever made one? Well, it has somehow happened- and I’m here to show you the “planned” routine. As you can see, the most important things to me are some kind of movement and yoga (Which is the first line saying 20 min everyday). I realize I should be doing more yoga (i.e. an hour at least a day), but with the kind of schedule I’m dealing with – it’s easier to make the requirement (so to speak) only 20 min, and an additional 10 minutes of meditation upon waking every morning.

Gabriellas Exercise Routine
Gabriellas Exercise Routine


Eifel National Park
Eifel National Park

Tips for any Trekkers out there: In case you didn’t already know, Eifel National Park is a beautiful place for experience and not-so-experienced hikers. Last Saturday, I walked from Heimbach to Ruhrsee with some fellow hikers – a beautiful and somewhat flat trail around the river. It’s absolutely accessible for anyone (paved and all), but if you want to explore the not-paved trail area around some towns, it’s very intriguing (and there are great bakeries around… if you can find them!)

In some more personal news, I fell twice this week. I know what you’re thinking… a bike fall. However, no. As I walked back towards home, I was standing still on a street corner – and then somehow ended up on the ground and awarded with a bloody knee (Success?). However, after that fall, it caused some reasonable caution on the bike. Such caution (which should have been safer), somehow ended with me falling off of my bike in a traffic circle (Fantastic!)

Eifel National Park
Eifel National Park

In better news, I visited the House of History in Bonn, Germany with my house family and friend, Jessica. It was a great museum that I seriously recommend every traveler in the area visits (not in the least because it is free on Sundays). It details the development of Germany since the end of WW2 and shows the differences between East Germany (DDR) and West Germany (BRD). Not to worry, there’s even details on each installation in German and English!

Then there’s German, which I’ve been learning more and more of each day in earnest. However, it’s somewhat difficult to articulate learning about German in an English blog post… so I left that out of these particular posts. If anyone, however, would like more detail into what I’m learning every class- you need only comment and I’ll give a full lesson layout! Speaking of learning… books have been sadly lacking from my life as of late. I have all of this fear that reading many different english books (which, I would love to do), will damage my German. Who knows if that’s actually true? But I shall make a more concentrated effort to read my books in German (such as Harry Potter or Inkheart). Once I finish one (which indeed may take some time), I shall post a review. Also, to promote the idea of doing more daily tasks to nail down a routine – I will try to write at least 3 posts a week. Whether they are healthy related posts or old book reviews that I’ve failed to write – expect it!

Bis Montag!

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