Deutschland and Yoga Teacher Training

So it may have been a *ahem* few weeks since my last post, but I have reasonable cause for the delay… I’ve been busy. Since the 8th, I completed an intensive 14-hour-per-day Yoga Teacher Training in DC and I traveled to Germany to start my year abroad.

Crazy right?

I’ll begin with the yoga teacher training. It seems like I completed it years ago, although it’s only been one week (somehow). I’m not sure if anyone can accurately describe what it feels like to get up at 5am to make lunch, eat breakfast and arrive in DC by 7am and leave at 9pm, getting home around 10pm. Needless to say: it was exhausting. Instead of focusing on that however, it seems that all of my memories have become picture perfect moments of interactions with my fellow yogis that I will always cherish.

Some yogis chowing down

We sat together at lunch in different groups almost every day. By the end of training – I felt like I knew each of the other trainees like we had been friends for many years. Academics were difficult, of course. The amount of time we dedicated to each pose could sometimes be lifetimes (especially when all I wanted to do was Half-Moon). Can you believe we went over every single pose!? (Modifications, amplifications, adjustments, set-up and alignment cues) I still cannot believe we made it through. Beyond just the poses though was the study of the different kinds of yoga (ashtanga, vinyasa, yin, relaxation, bikram, etc.). Even though I knew the sheer amount of yoga styles… how can there be so many? Anatomy, teaching language, yoga philosophy, the yoga sutras, and learning about teaching to specific communities: I could go on for pages and pages on what I learned. I will, however, refrain. I know no one wants a monologue.

Rest assured, yoga teacher training was probably one of the best experiences I could have asked before going abroad. Yeah, I’m still recovering from it as I’m sitting in my German castle room – but ultimately I want to grow and change into a person who is more true to my inner self. Who really knows what that means… But I believe that continual growth is critically important to us as human beings. The best way that’s worked for me thus far has been yoga and traveling.

On the subject of traveling… I did mention earlier that I’m in Germany, right?

Nach Deutschland!

Yes. I’m in Germany as I write this to you right now (and cheating a bit because of the time difference). Why am I in Germany, you ask. I’m participating in a full-year fellowship program, “The Congress-Bundestag Exchange for Young Professionals.” It’s a long program name (CBYX) which basically means I get to learn German, study in Germany and work in Germany for free for a whole year to promote the cultural exchange between Germany and the USA. Given the recent NSA revelations, there is really no better time for this conversation than now. So here I am!

We’ve had orientation for around two days now, talking about culture shock and the different stipulations the program requires of us. Though honestly at the moment – I’m too tired handling jet lag than anything else. Once we arrived in Frankfurt this morning at 8:15am, you can imagine that I didn’t get much sleep last night on the flight. I’m not sure if it was because Narnia was in Deutsch on the television or not – but I did not sleep one wink (something I am paying for now). Maybe I felt find on the flight over here, but whatever sleepiness I am experiencing now – it’s causing me to make spelling errors (none of which you can see because Autocorrect).

Everything has been so whirlwind and turn-of-the-moment that I cannot truly say what is going to happen next. Will I like my host family or will they ignore me when we move to our language school locations (Köln for me)? I’m not sure. But part of me likes that, the ability to be uncertain in the events but certain in the safety of them. I shall update you as my life in Germany progresses but don’t be surprised if you don’t hear from me on a normal basis. I shall try to keep up with Book Reviews, but they may be in German just for my own practice. Hopefully that’s not too much of an inconvenience!

Tschüss und Namaste!

(Also I apologize if this is not entirely coherent… I may pass out)

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