Writing Day: March 31: Fluidity

So *ahem* mistake on my part was not posting a couple of days ago – the most recent part of the story. No excuses are coming to mind, so I won’t bother you with their annoyances, but needless to say, I’ll continue where I left off. Anyways: check out the Fluidity tag if you’re interested in looking at what’s been written under this tag before and just a warning: I’m feeling very travel-nostalgic today, so there’s a large chance of me sounding very winding and out-of-place.

Dear Gavin,

As I’m in the midst of a strangers car and most likely about to be killed because I was obtuse enough to hitchhike in this day and age – it seemed only fitting that I favor you with a note or two. Don’t flatter yourself: this is mainly so that I look legitimate to the stranger driving beside me. I wonder what beautiful sights are just outside of my grasp, covered by the darkness of night? I know you’ve never visited Austria, at least to my knowledge, but if you could: what would you see? 

My book intrigued you, I can tell that much from your reaction. I didn’t steal it, no. Don’t be ridiculous – in all the years you’ve known me, would I do that? Thinking back to some of the objects I’ve given you on shaky moral ground – don’t answer that. I suppose my question is – why did you ask about the book so slyly? Is it part of a treasure trove of European items that I will probably go to jail for bringing back to the Continent, or am I far off? 

Should you not receive this letter until late, I am of no mind in requiring you to undertake some mission to retrieve the book and my remains. But try to break the news kindly to everyone. I have expected that my life would lead me to roads which have no neat and clean ending, so despite the dramatics – my instincts tell me that whatever it is I’m doing is more complex than I can see.

Try not to faint,

Sue 03.14.2006

To: Susan

Re: The Book

Dear Sue,

Just got your letter, though I don’t know why you wouldn’t email it, haven’t you heard of efficiency? It arrived on the 16th and was postmarked from a smaller town that I have discovered is close to Graz, Austria, so I’m hoping that you are not yet dead or kidnapped (though I could be wrong). Normally I wouldn’t show concern when it comes to objects that you bring to me, because although you have shown me artifacts that I probably should not be seeing – I do ultimately trust your judgement when it comes to these matters.

When it comes to the book… it’s difficult to explain without launching into a longer and darker story (dare I say: darker than the car you were driving in when you wrote your past letter). You know so little about my family, and that is what truly made me notice the book in the stranger light than you perhaps did. Did you know that my family emigrated from Austria? I must say, when you wrote that I had not visited Austria, I was surprised to say the least? Have you not done your background research?

I’m only a second generation American when it comes to my family, and we are full-blooded Austrians. Regardless – part of the reason I know of your book is when I did scans to analyze the ash, it came up as my own ashes and those of my genetic line. I knew that you had no previous knowledge of this – because you never would have brought the book to my attention. But it did stagger me – as I have not died or been burned to that fine of a powder, though some of my family have.

The reason that book is so valuable is an older legend. Austrians are big into archaeology and history, hence my position, hence the museums and admiration of the past. So one notion that has been floated from each generation to the next is that artifacts that are covered in a particular kind of ash were once objects of significance in Austrian history. One example could be the original journal Hitler wrote Mein Kampf in. It’s not – I checked, and that’s not nearly old enough. It is said that these objects can survive the fallout of time and that these ashes are supposedly the past and future attempting to protect this one unique moment.

So it probably is valuable – there’s no arguing that. But there are also people who don’t want the Austrian people to have these sort of objects. There is an organization whose name I will not speak, keyword searches and all, who has made it their mission to deprive the Austrian people of this gift for reasons I will explain to you when I arrive.

Don’t bother yourself trying to dissuade me. I have family within Graz that I can stay with, and I have quite a lot of interest in making sure that book doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. They are very prolific in Europe, I can only hope you’ve avoided them thus far.

Stay safe Sue,

Gavin 03.17.2006


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