Writing Day: March 23 – Fluidity

Switching points of view again to Samantha! And onto the fourth part of Fluidity (check out the first three parts here). So far writing every four days has been a bit easier to do than three times a day, and mixing that with school and book reviews- let’s just say it keeps life interesting on the flip-side.

I’m not entirely sure what this obsession with Graz is doing to me, but as you can imagine – I’m thinking of having some of the main points in this story relate to Austria and the museum there, and if you have some knowledge about the place in particular – let me know!

An utter mistake, she grumbled. This had to be one of the strangest undertakings she had ever embarked upon. As she was miserably squashed between Jon and Ross on a crowded plane ride towards god-knows-where (They wouldn’t say: security reasons and all that nonsense), her mind wandered. It was no real curiosity that she had found herself in a strange and most likely unsafe situation one more. More of a commonality than anything. The airline they were flying was one she had never heard of, and the place they were traveling – well, she’d never been off the American continent, so that changed little.

“You should sleep”

Jon’s voice startled her, so deep into brooding she had been. She turned to glare at him under the dimly flickering lights of the aircraft,

“Bit hard to sleep under the current conditions” she quipped,

“This was your idea” he reminded her,

There was no response to that. Because it had been her idea. Her crazy, stupid and preposterous idea that had gotten her stuck on a plane with limited oxygen.But then she heard a sigh from her seat neighbor,

“We got off on the wrong foot” he continued carefully, “I’m sorry about that, in case you wanted to start over: I’m Jon”

Samantha watched him warily for a moment, looking for any trace of deception in his gaze before smiling wanly,

“And I’m Samantha” she responded cordially, “Pleasure’s all mine”

A few hours later they landed , and Samantha could already honestly say that she felt much better about the journey. Speaking with Jon had given her a new perspective into the hardened and unfriendly looking partner and his assurances of her safety made her smile as they exited the plane and stepped onto the tarmac.

This was all immediately reserved, however, as an officially dressed man came to greet them, “Samantha Collins, Jon Blackwell and Ross Birghoff?”

She almost ignored him. As they had been making the fake passports and identification, Ross had coached her and making counterfeits as close to the truth as possible. Why on earth would you make something if you can’t respond to the name when called? Collins was her mother’s maiden name, and the only reason her eyes flashed up in response to the officer’s question,

“Yes, that’s us” Ross answered smoothly, reaching into his bag questioningly, “Do you need anything, sir? A passport, ID?”

“If you wouldn’t mind” the man responded, “And then our Chief of Security would like to speak with you about the package you’ve stored in cargo”

The first twinges of unease sparked in Samantha’s brain, but she pleasantly smiled and handed over her passport. They probably just wanted to know about the sculpture and what it was doing passing through France – it was a legitimate concern. But as they led her and her companions to the separate back room, her heartbeat began to quicken and she ignored the subtle gestures that Jon and Ross passed to each other.

After some quick questions and overly polite gestures on behalf of the French government, Samantha was still at a loss as to how they had been able to escape the clutches of the government, despite Jon’s and Ross’s assurances that they had dealt with the situation underhand

“What does that mean?” she had asked,

“Bribery”  was the succinct response, followed by an awkward silence,

Of course it had been.

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