Read Along: Kingdom of the Gods Week 4


Hi everyone!

I’m hosting the Read-Along this week *eeps, how exciting* and I’ve written down the questions for everyone for Chapters 14-17. Now if you haven’t read them yet, PLEASE keep in mind there are some spoilers, and to wait until you finish that last chapter until checking it out! Without further ado…

1. Nahadoth said „You cannot remain in mortal flesh much longer. It’s changing you“ to Sieh. Do you think Nahadoth knows what is happening to Sieh? And what could happen to Sieh?

As much as I’d like to think that Nadadoth does in fact know what’s happening to Sieh, I think he literally has no idea and is retreating to his own self so that Sieh doesn’t suspect he knows nothing at all.

And as to what’s happening to Sieh, I think it may have something to do with the fact that the mortal flesh is affecting Sieh’s soul, his god-like soul, in a way that is completely unknown to any other god because they’ve always been different. Maybe he could become a mortal, totally? But we’ll see…

2. Sieh half-dies and suddenly comes back with some other magic (something about the universe or other). What do you make of it & Why is it only Shahar, Dekarta and Sieh that remember?

I mean… firstly I was like GAH what even!? But I think it probably has something to do with the blood pact they made as children, so that it’s not possible only one of them could die. I think that only Shahar, Dekarta, and Sieh know because they are connected.

It reminded me of some other books I’ve read when they speak about soul pacts in that one person cannot die without the other dying as well. So my hypothesis must be that Sieh, Shahar and Dekarta have some sort of soul bond, where they are so close together that one cannot die without the other (Harry Potter much)

3. What do you think of Yeine’s offer to Remath? 

Definitely a move that I wasn’t expecting. But I think that Yeine has been preparing for this move for a long time. It seems manipulative because she’ll finally be on the same level as Nahadoth and Itempas, but at the same time – I think she has some ulterior motive.

She wants them out of Sky because I believe she senses that something terrible will happen there.

4. Thoughout the whole book, but more in the last couple of chapters, we’ve seen the Arameri have become more human-like, and especially Remath has been more emotional. Do you think they’ve always been like this or that there is some trigger that is making them behave differently?

I’d like to think that the Arameri have always been this way and that they’d just kept their emotions hidden. So maybe Remath is just the tip of the iceberg and that as she starts to show more emotion, the rest of the Arameri will become more humanlike.

Or it could be some trigger. That’s a tempting thought because Sieh had some trigger where he’s turning more humanlike, and the Arameri (of which two might be connected to Sieh) so maybe there’s some sort of chain reaction where the Arameri are only becoming more human like because Sieh is.

5. The Echo Palace has been built! And Shahar and Dekarta are „safe“ Why do you think Remath  is abandoning the normal source of Arameri power?

I think Remath knows something that she’s not saying. Are there Seers in this world? I’m not sure, but I imagine that she has something of that ability and knows that something bad will happen in Sky

6. Sieh has just left with Itempas, Nahadoth and Yeine… How will they save him? 

Gasp! I’m not sure. Well they will definitely have to restore Itempas to power, so maybe all three gods will form some sort of trio and channel of their godly powers into Sieh and make him again a god!

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  1. tethyanbooks says:

    On Yeine, I was kind of thinking along the same lines. Aside from being worshipped, what does she get out of the patron arrangement? Is she just trying to keep them safe or is there some other motive?

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