Book Review: Red Cells by Jeffrey Thomas

Red Cells by Jeffrey Thomas
Red Cells by Jeffrey Thomas

Title: Red Cells

Author: Jeffrey Thomas 

Genre: Horror, Fiction,

Publisher: DarkFuse (and courtesy of NetGalley)

Published: March 18, 2014 

Page Amount: 81 pages

Blurb From Goodreads: Private detective and mutant shapeshifter Jeremy Stake (hero of the novels Deadstock and Blue War) has fallen on hard times in the far-future city of Punktown. When he is offered an opportunity to masquerade as another man to do his prison sentence for him, Stake agrees, but this is a new type of penitentiary—existing in its own pocket universe.

In this isolated prison, a series of gruesome murders have occurred, and the inmates soon force Stake to investigate. Can Stake catch a killer that might not even be human, without becoming just another victim? 

Why Read: It was, you guessed it folks, another NetGalley book for me. I chose Red Cells pretty easily because it seemed like one of those gritty prison novels that had a touch of detective class that would make it one I would enjoy. 

Review: I really like Red Cells. Admittedly, I wished it had gone on a little longer (because let’s be real, under 100 pages?), but I loved just about everything else about it. The prison environment was very realistic, not that I would know. And I also loved the way that new technology was integrated into the similar way that prison was portrayed.

Looking at the characters, Stake is a great main and he raises the profile of all of his fellow investigators. I love how he is a ‘mutie’, but has a sort of mutation that I would not have even thought of, let alone been able to portray in words. His friends in the guard and enemies in the cells are well rounded and really give credence to the dynamic that exists in most prison novels.

The plot was exciting and kept moving at a pace that I very much enjoyed. Just at the point when I was about to sigh and roll my eyes at another expository piece, I was shocked by the whole Edwin plot (ah, so great!). And the whole communications by the robots and epilogue: gosh. It was fantastic.

So naturally the whole page number really put a bummer on things because I felt as though it could have been expanded and made the story rounder… but there’s no changing facts.

Rating: 3.9/5 Stars

Review Coming Soon: The Devil Inside the Beltway by Michael Daugherty

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