Read Along: Kingdom Of the Gods Week 2

The Kingdom Of the Gods by NK Jemisin
The Kingdom Of the Gods by NK Jemisin

So we’re on the second week of the Read-Along! This week: Lauren from Violin in a Void is hosting 🙂 So go and check it out if you want to participate or just give your thoughts!

Enjoy Spoilers ahead for Chapters 4-10 but if you have read it (AHH So much to discuss!!)

1. Do you think Shahar can keep her childhood promise and be a good person and an Arameri?

As much as I hate to sound pessimistic, absolutely. Even though she may have meant that she would try to be a good person and an Arameri, I doubt that will be her viewpoint. Everyone is a good person at heart, at least I try to tell myself that, but I think ultimately the face she will show the world will be that of an emotionless Arameri. But maybe inside and privately she’ll be different!

2. The Arameri family has changed drastically and now we learn they’re being systematically killed off. Do you like the changes? Do you feel sorry for the family or are they getting what they deserve?

Tempting as it is to say that I’m glad they are getting what they deserve, I feel pretty bad for them and the rest of the world. I feel like it’s one of those situations where yes the status quo is bad for most of the world and not the Arameri, but they are still a family who is losing people. And when the status quo does eventually drop (at least assuming something worse is coming), then people will be left without an idea of how to build back, so maybe it’s pretty bad they are getting killed off…

3. Any theories on the antagonist that Sieh meets in his dream?

I wouldn’t dare! I’m always very concerned when there’s a new antagonist O.o especially one is who is so frightening.

4. Religious belief in the city and the palace has changed a lot, as have humans’ relationships with the gods. Thoughts? What might your beliefs be if you lived in Sky/Shadow?

I think it’s pretty interesting that their beliefs are changing because it shows that as a people, the Arameri and the other citizens of Sky are realizing that maybe there isn’t so much separating them. I think I might be trying to stick with the status quo in Sky because I’m sort of opposed to change (that’s just me… lazy).

5. Sieh’s not quite the charming boy god we saw in book 1. How do you feel about his character at the moment?

I mean… it’s interesting. I didn’t expect him to change so much. I feel somewhat the same though, there are little ticks and snarks he uses that brings me back to his original form even if he’s not so much the same. I’d like to think that he’s still the same character, just changing…

6. Should Sieh work for Ahad?

I personally wouldn’t be surprised if he tried? On one hand, maybe he should? Because it could give his life some purpose for the time he has left… and he could spend time with someone who is half his dad? But on the other hand, I think Sieh should be spending all of his time figuring out what is happening with himself.

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  1. Lauren says:

    5. I don’t think he’s changed really; I think we’re just seeing the darker sides of his character, facets that he kept hidden from Yeine because he wanted her to help the Enefadeh, and he tended to think of her as his mother.

    6. Your comment made me realise what a weird figure Ahad is for Sieh – he was sort of half his father, in that he was the daytime version of Nahadoth, but, as we saw in this chapter, he was also like Sieh’s child. And now he’s something else entirely. Quite a difficult thing to deal with, I imagine.

  2. nrlymrtl says:

    Perhaps Shahar will be a good Arameri to her child (if she did succeed in conceiving) and if she is allowed to raise her child. Even if she can’t be to anyone else, being a kind mother to an unusual child may make a difference.

    Since the gods have put on some significant changes over the last few decades, I guess the citizens of Sky/Shadow can too. Or is this caused by a bigger influence from Nahadoth? Or does the changes feed Nahadoth’s nature more than Itempas’s?

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