Book Review: The Legal Language of Terrorism by Cuauhtemoc Gallegos

The Legal Language of Terrorism by Cuauhtemoc Gallegos
The Legal Language of Terrorism by Cuauhtemoc Gallegos

Title: The Legal Language of Terrorism 

Author: Cuauhtemoc Gallegos

Genre: Reference Book, Dictionary, Terrorism, Legality

Publisher: Meti Publications (and courtesy of NetGalley)

Published: January 30, 2014

Page Amount: 413 pages

Blurb From Goodreads: Covering every important legal concept used in the discussion of contemporary terrorism, this dictionary offers a clear and understandable description of each term, including a definition, an explanation of its legal significance as it applies to specific terrorist circumstances, and other relevant elements, intended to help readers develop a full comprehension of each concept. The extensive list of terms includes case law related to terrorism, statutory law, and accurate descriptions of the major terrorist groups and terrorist attacks in recent history. The thematic organization of this dictionary allows for a simple and orderly understanding and review of the topics involved in the application of the law to events and cases forming the field of political violence.  This comprehensive book will appeal to anyone interested in learning about the legal environment that applies to terrorism; those in the military, state security, government officials, and lawyers will likely find it to be an essential reference book. 

Why Read: Another book courtesy of Net Galley, I’m a sucker for anything about security and although I was surprised how detailed the dictionary was – it was an entirely worth the read and a book I will be keeping on reference for as long as I can!

Review: It was one of those books I requested on NetGalley before I realized it was a dictionary, but I’m glad I ended up reading the entire thing. Although originally surprised that the book did in fact carry definitions and all – it really was a great reference book for people who are interested in all aspects of Terror.

The case law throughout the book is aggressively interesting and much of the information is great to know. I also particularly appreciated the up-to-date knowledge that was included within the dictionary, and the textual reads into many of the definitions that we hold as standard in today’s world.

I found the Patriot Act information really quite interesting, as before I knew the basics, but nothing like was included in the main title. Guerrilla warfare terms were also within the book and I could imagine utilizing them in the years to come.

Anyone who loves learning more about national security and who is willing to push through 413 pages should read this book. It’s a great read and much of the historical information and case studies are ones that will forever stay with me.

Rating: 4.5/5 Stars

Review Coming Soon: Reflection After The Winter School

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