Read Along: Kingdom of the Gods Week I

The Kingdom Of the Gods by NK Jemisin
The Kingdom Of the Gods by NK Jemisin

So we’ve made it to the final book of the NK Jemisin trilogy, the Inheritance Trilogy… Kingdom of the Gods. We’re still on our great schedule with all of the different blogs and Susan from Dab of Darkness is hosting this week so if you are interested in looking at a discussion, go over and check it out!

To just say some words: I’m so excited to read this book. I’ve been wanting to read NK Jemisin for a very long time, so getting the chance to read this great trilogy with such amazing bloggers has been SO much fun, and I recommend doing read-alongs for anyone if you like discussing books (and let’s be real… who doesn’t?)

Enjoy! and Beware spoilers through Chapter 4

1) Do you think the twins’ names Dekarta and Shahar are portentous of who they will grow into? 

Given with what I’ve seen in the past couple weeks and months from the Inheritance Trilogy, it would surprise me if something as critical as a name was left to chance. Shahar has been the name of many a leader of the Arameri, and they all have been mad (okay… well not mad, but somehow more than ambitious) and slightly crazy. Shahar of Kingdom of the Gods hasn’t showed any of that quite yet… but she already acted strangely enough that Sieh was surprised at her forwardness. Perhaps we don’t know whether she will turn out as her ancestors, and of course that is an option, but I would like to think that maybe she will be an example to her ancestors and do something mind-glowingly insane (but with a good end result).

2) Yeine and Itempas. Too early? Or will Yeine be the bridge that puts everyone back together? 

As the relationship of the Three is not necessarily normal by any means, I would say that Yeine and Itempas are almost a natural thing to expect, given the relationship between Nahadoth, Itempas and Enefa that we’ve already seen. So I would say that eh, it may always be too early (but it would have probably happened anyways). I certainly hope she acts as the bridge and she already had some interesting roles in the last book that acted as a bridge so I wouldn’t be surprised at all if she continued in that role.

3) Sieh seems to have some need, or at least an attraction, to be in Sky Palace. Healthy or unhealthy?  

Ehhhhh. It really depends of what he feels. On one hand, if he has the attraction because he feels the Stockholm Syndrome attraction then maybe not so healthy because he needs to grow (even though he is a child god). But if he is there because he is merely curious and doesn’t have an external motivating factor (which he may because again…. he is a child), then I think it’s perfectly fine.

4) In just this beginning section, we see more than just physical changes in Sieh. What do you think is happening to him, and more importantly why?  

I certainly hope that it’s nothing too terrible. But if we have the history of her books to go by at all, then it’s probably pretty bad and we should expect nothing but the worst. But I wouldn’t hazard a guess as to how gods „grow up“, but it could be a symbol that he must grow up within his body so that his mind can accept that he is indeed getting older in his thoughts and his soul. This also begs the question: What happens to a god when they aren’t a representation of what they have been? Can a god change?

5) Shahar is quite angry with her mother and has been for some time. Justified? How do you think their relationship will shape this story? 

Definitely! But I think it also shows clearly how Shahar is different from other Arameri. Or maybe she is just not as good at hiding her emotions. But I think her relationship with her mother which is nothing if it isn’t hostile, will shape her and turn her into something that aren’t obvious. I said already that she might not turn into the crazy god-war causing women of her ancestors but with her mother… can we even guess what we might turn into otherwise?

6) Why do you think Shahar’s letters to her brother return unopened? 

I think there are two options in why the letters are unopened. Either Dekarta is being kept from Shahar for a reason (good or bad or for her own good, I’m not sure?) OR Dekarta is seeing the letters are choosing not to reply. Maybe he is being kept in a dungeon… or he’s turning into a competitor with Shahar for their mother’s position.

Can’t wait for next week!

5 Comments Add yours

  1. tethyanbooks says:

    On Sieh, that’s kind of where I was going with my answer, too. I think he is changing or “growing up” into something else (or some other affinity?), which might be a new thing for godlings. I really hope this turns out okay for him!

    1. Grace says:

      Oooh, the idea of a metamorphosis rather than dying is an interesting possibility that I hadn’t considered for Sieh.

  2. nrlymrtl says:

    I definitely see Yeine as a bridge. When she and Itempas got together, I had to think how long it had been since he was forced to go walk about as a mortal. I wasn’t thinking 2 decades, but someone pointed out that T’vril is dead, so probably longer by several decades.

    Nice question. Sieh has been the representation of childhood forever. Can he change form that? What happens to the world if he does?

  3. Lauren says:

    “What happens to a god when they aren’t a representation of what they have been? Can a god change?”
    Interesting question. Could Nahadoth, for example, change his affinities for chaos and darkness? Although it is his nature to change constantly, could he become more ordered like Itempas? I’m hoping the gods can change for Sieh’s sake though – I don’t want to lose him!

    6. I hadn’t considered the possibility that Deka might be competing for the position of heir. That would certainly make the twins a lot like the previous pair of twins, Scimina and Relad.

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