Book Review: The Mindtraveler by Bonnie Rozanski

The Mindtraveler by Bonnie Rozanski
The Mindtraveler by Bonnie Rozanski

Title: The Mindtraveler

Author: Bonnie Rozanski

Genre: Fiction, Physics, Romance, Time Travel, Fantasy 

Publisher: Biting Duck Press (and courtesy of NetGalley)

Published: February 2, 2015

Page Amount: 173 pages 

Blurb From Goodreads: What woman of a certain age doesn’t sometimes look upon her life and wish she could go back and do it all over again?

With more of her life behind her than ahead, Margaret Braverman, a physicist teaching at a small college, cannot help but regret the things she never quite got right.   Most important among them was the tragic ending of her romance with her brilliant colleague Frank, something she has never gotten over.  Then there is the prospect of restoring the respect of her colleagues after that unfortunate incident where she set her hair on fire.  And, of course, it would be glorious to get even with that mean-spirited, conceited, womanizing Caleb Winter.

Fortunately, after years of experimentation in the back room of her lab, Margaret has finally built a time machine. The key, she discovered, is in teleporting not the body but the mind. And so, at 5:03 p.m. on May 3, 2012, Margaret teleports her mind to her 1987 self.

Though her body is that of a 35-year-old, the narration and point of view is that of her older self.  “60″, as she calls herself, feels everything but can’t move a muscle.  All she can do is to passively witness what she lived once before, and, until she figures out how to influence things, nothing is going to change.

Comic, beautifully written, with a solid grounding in science and a thorough sympathy for its characters, the MINDTRAVELER captures the universal desire for a second chance.

Why Read: Thank goodness for NetGalley is all I can say. It’s such a fantastic website and after reading the synopsis, it was inevitable that I would read it. It seemed like an interesting read – full of intrigue and fun time-travel elements.

Review: As excited as I was to be reading The Mind Traveler, I can say without reservations that I’m a little sorry I spent the time reading it. It was one of those books that had a good concept, but ultimately ended up inordinately focusing on romance and other non-sustainable plot devices.

From a plot perspective, the book is not for a reader who isn’t interested in a romance read. Although I expected some life events to be repeated, my expectations were for something more heart-stopping like the death of a family member or possibly the end of the world. Unfortunately, it was the mundaneness of love.

The main character wasn’t terrible. However, she wasn’t anything special either. Her traits were what one would expect from a 35 and then 60 year old woman, and she had flaws that I felt made her into an immature character – one difficult to relate with.

Ultimately, the story ended up being one that I did want to know the ending of in spite of the poorly formed characters and uninteresting plot. I can’t be sure whether that was in defense of merely wanting to know the ending or just wishing the book would end.

Rating: 2.7/5 Stars

Review Coming Soon: Reflection of Day I: Winter School

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