The Broken Kingdoms Read-Along Week IV

The Broken Kingdoms by N.K. Jemisin
The Broken Kingdoms by N.K. Jemisin

So it’s the end of the read along… that I joined last week. Sadly we read until the end of The Broken Kingdoms, and I can say that yet again I’m going to drag myself out of the post-book stupor to find the third one on my Kindle!

Grace from Books Without Any Pictures was our host for this week so go check out her blog, because she came up with the questions that we all get to answer ^_^.

I couldn’t have asked for better fellow book blogs to read this book along with and I certainly can’t wait until next book!

Spoilers below!

1. We finally meet T’vril in his new role as Lord Arameri. Is he what you expected?

Despite the fact I kind of resented his role to Oree, he was pretty much what I expected. To still be in power after all of those years after the events of the first book must mean he’s either absurdly lucky at staying in power or he’s ruthless. I’m personally going to go with the second one. And even the choice that T’vril gave Oree was not as awful as I imagine other Arameris would have done. The option to live in the palace cannot be so terribly awful, and he understands the role of a pawn, what it feels like to be under the rulers. So yeah, he was what I expected… but in a good way.

2. Oree is given a choice, to live as the Arameri’s weapon, or to die. What would you do in that position?

I’d like to think I would agree to the proposition and then maybe try to cultivate some sort of relationship that allows me to escape… But I might be too frightened, I mean: I can’t imagine what it must be like to be treated like a weapon, as disposable really.

3. Do you think that Oree made the right decision by spending Shiny away? How do you feel about Yeine’s role here?

Alright.. Number one, I hate Yeine. I suppose I’m glad she stopped Naha from probably murdering Oree in some awful way, but the nonchalant way she breaks apart their love relationship when it had hardly blossomed was cruel beyond belief. Weren’t the gods with each other in their exile? Why can’t Shiny have at least ONE person to keep him company? But I do think it’s better for Oree to live and her child to live, then for them both to die.

4. What did you think of the ending of the book? Were you satisfied?

I was. The scene with Dateh was creepy, and I was saddened beyond belief with the whole scene with Yeine and Oree, but ultimately: I’m just excited for next book! 

5. How did The Broken Kingdoms compare to The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms? Which did you like better?

I’m not certain. I’m tempted to say The Broken Kingdoms, but I really love the whole element of power plays and politics that The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms has. It really gave me chills during Yeine and Naha’s relationship growth, and the small parts with Sieh were funny beyond belief. So probably The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms… for now!


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  1. tethyanbooks says:

    Maybe I’m heartless, but I really just didn’t want Oree and Shiny to end up together permanently! Maybe I just wasn’t over Oree loving Madding, and Madding’s death yet? I guess for that reason I wasn’t quite as mad at Yeine for breaking them up. It’s also rough because I do agree that Itempas deserves to suffer– but Oree doesn’t.

    1. tethyanbooks says:

      And by “agree” I mean I agree with Yeine and Nahadoth that he deserves to suffer after the thousands of years of enslavement he put Nahadoth, Sieh, and the others through.

    2. Gabriella says:

      Mm I suppose I see I know what you mean. I’m not sure why, but I couldn’t connect with Madding as much. Like as much as I loved him, he seemed just not right for Oree, somehow – but I’m not sure, that’s just me. But yes! I totally agree with that too. I completely understand that he should suffer, but then there’s all of that collateral damage, not only of Oree, but of her children and probably anyone she ends up befriending to a strong extent. So it’s kind of bittersweet :/

  2. Lauren says:

    3. I think it’s because Shiny can shorten his punishment if he learns to love someone, and Yeine can’t allow that to happen because Nahadoth will be pissed. It’s a bad caveat though, because as Oree says, it’s just natural for humans to love and they might have to keep ruining Itempas’s relationships.

    5. Agreed 🙂 Loved the power plays of book 1 and Yeine’s relationships with the gods.

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