New Ideas and a Possible Story

Maybe it’s because I’m having a great time with my friends or maybe it’s because I’m traveling so much, but honestly – there have been so many interesting ideas that have been running through my head. Just in case you’re interested, or have any suggestions – let me know!

First Idea: Book Matchmaking

This was completely unexpected. Talking to my friend, she asked me for a book recommendation. Excited, as always, I took to the challenge with relish. In doing so, I discovered I could do something called “Book Matchmaking”. Only the start of the idea, it occurred to me that I could make reports with the “Top 3 Picks”, followed by “Tier 2”, and then “Tier 3”. It’s all included with why it was chosen, blurbs and a client profile. Exciting! Maybe… I’ve already got a 12 page report on her 🙂 *@stephanie93*

Second Thing: Possible Story Idea

Just relax with me for a moment, and brainstorm with me this new story idea. It came to me in a second of quiet, and ever since then  – I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it. Naturally, it is barely mapped out, and as I’m typing – I’m coming up with the story.

Main character: Anna Frederick

Story: Begins with a lie (Intern lies about her qualification for a government position, having just spoken with her friend at their daily flute-viola duet sessions)

Music plays a role: Every week she plays with a friend (Romance or not?) and it separates her life from the political spiel she finds herself in – gets advice. As the story advances, her political life begins to pull her away from this music – and the question is, is it worth it?

About Defeat: The bigger story is that the Senator is losing an election and he’s been in office for over 30 years. He seems to be a very calm and relaxed, but he wants to tell everyone about the secret of magic so that they can see how unfair politics is (and harbors thoughts he could be the leader of a new freer republic).

Back: Anna should have been given a security clearing for magic usage, for at least the knowledge of it. But she lied about how much she knew for the position and so she enters the world without knowing what she was in for. The Senator feigns innocence, but he is planning on using her to expose the government.

Magic on Politics: In this universe, magic has been around far longer than we think, but it’s been hidden from us – it’s only used in our government. People wonder why they are a hegemon – it’s because the magic is used to manipulate other countries although no one other than our government knows why. All employees are required to take a vow (similar to Unbreakable Vow… need to fix it).  

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