Penning Hopeful Success: Apologies, Amsterdam and Nanowrimo

Before getting into the whole “Yes, I did Nanowrimo” and “No, I don’t know why the madness overcame me”, let me start with an apology. I had not realized that it had been over a month in which I had updated my lovely and neglected little blog. Tears cue here. As you can probably guess, the reasons for that were mostly due to Nanowrimo, schoolwork and visiting Amsterdam on a whim. But who am I to make excuses – if you want to read anything about those topics – continue on, brave reader!

Now that we’ve gotten the apologies out of the way, I can tell you about my crazy ending of the month of November. Instead of writing blogs and doing short stores like I promised myself – I ended up doing Nanowrimo. Topic you ask? As you can probably guess, it was the story I posted last post in November 14th.

So sorry dear readers!
So sorry dear readers!

I was hesitant about it. It was already late, 2 weeks into the contest – and I had yet to finish either of my essays for class (so in essence, my real work). But somehow, reading the small entry chapter I had written on the train convinced me. I had never written full out world fantasy before, and the idea appealed to me like an old friend.

So I ignored my probably good sense and took on the challenge- telling myself that 6,000 or 5,000 words a day wasn’t so bad when you did not have classes other than Thursday or Friday. It was. But it was also entirely worth it. God knows how good it is or if it is even worth reading – but I’m proud of it.


There’s also the fact I finished about 1 week ahead of time, making it my 10-day novel, one, which I’m surprised, isn’t gibberish. Woo! Part of the reason I finished so early was because I was heading to Amsterdam for 4 or 5 days towards the last week of November, ignoring the fact I had taken on this contest and had a German presentation the day after I returned.

Whatever right? Live life as it comes. And somehow it ended up working out. I busted my butt finishing the novel as quickly as I could – but I think it’s my best-formatted work by far. Part of that was perhaps doing some pre-planning and knowing the ending before I got there – but leaving red herrings and other fun asides was great. I never realized how hints bring a little smile to my face and left me wondering – will someone find it as easily as I do?

In any case, I finished! And if you want to read the rest of the story (~51,000 words) it’s all on my Goodreads account. Check it out at here or message me through some form of social media (yada yada, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr) for a Microsoft Word copy.

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