Assassin and Therapist: Part IV

There’s something inordinately enjoyable about writing something you like. I should probably do this more. Because it’s the most fun I’ve had writing in a long time 🙂 (Been reading too many thrillers recently I think)

Anyhow, enjoy reading on. And as much as I’ve enjoyed writing this, I hope YOU, dear reader, enjoy reading it more!

“Whatever makes you comfortable” Ryan said, huffing a bit,

“Right then” Martin began, “My first mistake was in 1999. Well, not the first you see. But the one where the mistake was small enough to ignore. I was in Africa; I won’t specify the country or the target. But long story short, my target was terminated. That is not the mistake I made. It was, a small one, unnoticeable until I, myself, realized the error. Not even my superiors were aware” a pause breached his speech as he stared through a window into the past only he could unlock, “I left my casings you see” he whispered, he continued in a quiet voice, “I left all three of my bullet casings in plain sight. Naturally, it’s Africa in the 1990’s, so no one went looking and I mentioned it to no one, but of course – it doesn’t change the fact it happened”,

“Indeed” Ryan intoned, “It doesn’t not”

“But we’ll skip over the natural second, third and fourth mistakes. All the general insignificant ones” he said, taking a deep breath, “But the fifth had real and noticeable repercussions. The 2003 mission with the rookie, if you didn’t guess. I should have watching out for him- only a boy really, 22 or 23. But he stepped out of my designated spot for him. And anything out of the space was unsafe, to the point of possible death”

He inhaled a breath of cold air, before continuing,

“I naturally assumed he knew it, as I thought I would have as well. Wrong. Wrong. He was shot and killed in less than 5 seconds flat. As is standard operating procedure, I had to burn his body to avoid detection. And that was it. I stayed of course, terminated target and left”

There was a silence where Martin’s stony expression and Ryan’s tender one could not simmer down to agreement, before Ryan spoke up,

“No one could have asked for more”

“But they should have” he retorted angrily, “It’s not right they should say he died in combat, that they lost his body in MIA. When I, an American, for god’s sake, was the one who burned it. It’s just not enough. It’s never enough”

Martin sighed again, before running his hand’s through the short hair in frustration,

“You got a coffee machine around here?”

“We can head to the Starbucks across the street, I get discounts”

Shrugging on coats, the two men headed downstairs, letting the conversation drift to light and friendly topics, almost as though the two had been close for years. Abruptly the conversation cut to a halt with a pager tone.

“At this rate” Ryan said, laughing for a moment, “The government is paying me to watch you get pager messages”

But there was no witty remark as he had come to expect from his patient. Instead – dawning horror was growing on the face of the man known occasionally known as John Smith.

“Ryan, you’re to come with me to HQ immediately. There have been developments – involving your security”

“I don’t work for the government, John”

“I realize that”

Brief and sullen silence remained over the table before Martin stood, sadness etched in every wrinkle on his face,

“I am sorry Ryan – but I’ve been ordered to take you with me, with or without your consent”

The therapist stared for a moment blankly, before obviously gathering himself and nodding tightly. Ryan led the way out of the coffee shop, not noticing Martin’s movement were one of a bodyguard, rather than a polite friend.

It was, the assassin insisted, much better to take his car than the public transit. But the therapist was more stubborn than most. Surprisingly, it was not long before a decision was made. In fact, the whole debacle ended rather quickly when Martin simply said,

“Get in the car or I will make you”

And as the smaller and far weaker of the two, it somehow didn’t take too long for Ryan to capitulate.

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