Assassin and Therapist: Part I

In a short series called “The Assassin and Therapist”, I’ve just had a little bit of fun playing up roles usually reserved for separate worlds with an entirely random prompt. I’m not entirely sure how long it will be, or what the main plot line is as of yet. But consider it definitely going to happen. And I’m not going to lie… one of the most fun things I’ve gotten to do in a while. Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it.

“The neck snapping was the first indicator that I had actually done any harm at all. Even you have to admit, the ease in which a person dies is unbelievably uniform, and a bit TOO easy. If you get my drift. It’s almost as though they invite death with both arms spread open.

My second was in an alleyway, surrounded by thugs – wasn’t at all contained or neat. No… I was meant to be aiming for a low level clerk, who somehow or another – had gotten a gang’s protection. Come to think of it, he probably was a great deal more than a low paid clerk.

The third was planned. I learned my lesson with number two. Though there’s certainly something to be said for surveillance and chance, a certain degree of planning adds a bit of finesse to it. When something is a masterpiece as opposed to a normal piece of artwork. Get it? But on with the third. Clean, quick, and make no mistake doctor – on par.

I had a small mishap with the fourth, but your first high profile target never really does go the way you planned it, doesn’t’ it? I suppose I couldn’t really say for reasons of national security – but I could slip a few things here and there – you can figure out my meaning for yourself….”

“No, no, that’s quite alright” the bewildered therapist said, clearing his throat once or twice,

He glanced down at his notes, which consisted primarily of the words “disassociate” and a stamp classifying the case as “TOP SECRET”. He honestly shouldn’t complain. After all, who could say that after landing a midway high position at a midway high firm, he would be landed with this.

But Ryan knew how this happened. Could literally pinpoint the moment his carefully conceived plan had escalated into sheer madness. But enough of that for now. The fit young man around his age peered at him blankly, assessing him with those impeccable 20/20 eyes.

“Something the matter, Doc?” he inquired pleasantly,

The real clinch about the whole scenario, Ryan grumbling internally, was just how the government was putting him up to this.

“Nothing at all” he answered aloud, “But please, don’t feel the need to clear things up for me. I don’t need to know such things – details are for the professionals”

“As you say then” the man continued promptly, “But really quite astute”, he leaned back in his chair comfortably, not noticing the small facial tic that had developed on the man sitting opposite him.

“The problems really started last month. I’m not entirely sure how it happened, or why. But I’m beginning to blank out, or have these strange states of shock on missions. And in my line of work, that’s really not allowed. Discrepancy is not tolerated”

“Right then, John Smith” Ryan trailed off, before taking a calming breath, “From what I’m gathering, you’re developing something similar to a dissociative state. Nothing horrifying, maybe-“ But before he could finish, Mr. Smith cut him off,

“No, I’m not quite sure it’s that in particular. See, I have done my own research on this topic – and” the therapist drowned him out for a moment, fighting back the urge to groan. Of course the man had done his own research, didn’t they always…

It had to be that he forgot to pay his taxes. There was always some logical explanation for this slow and painful way to die. The universe had to stop sending him patients who thought they knew better than he did.

“Doctor? Ryan? Oh, I like the way that sounds. We’ll simply have to be on a first name basis from now on. All joking aside, my real name is…” and here, he looked around nervously for a moment, although expecting a fully prepared SWAT team to burst through the door, “Martin” he finished in a whisper, “Particularly Martin Noname”

“Oh, I was thinking what my wife would have said, Martin. Nothing terrible. She really is the brains of the family” Ryan joked,

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