Uncertain Start to a Story

Uncertain Start to a Story: And by start.. I literally mean about 190 words… because I love the idea and I have a plot idea, but I’m not sure if it’s any good. Do let me know if it sounds like utter nonsense. šŸ™‚

The past is collected in pots and the future is spun into wool blankets. The three Fates, wise as they are, created this. It is now, and it always has been as such. Though they no longer do the work themselves, assistants have been created, creatures of yarn and string stitched together from the broken lives. They walk around, sometimes getting trapped on spindles and occasionally becoming so real that the Fates must discard them. No need for humanity when all there really is, is string and needlework.

It was one of these out-of-place creatures that discovered a secret. One so powerful that the Fates themselves could not prevent it from happening, a future that existed in all strings. The destiny of a child that spun blankets and blankets of different futures, and even deigned to change a bit of the past

They were furious, whipping their servants into a frenzy, trying anything at all to prevent this horrific and set point that held itself aloof in all the weaves that were made. How dare something dare to make itself, to defy the thread and yarn?


To be continued….

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