Dear Government,

I’m not talking just Republicans, just Democrats. And I’m not limiting this to just Congress, The Executive Branch has it’s own problems that have in some way or another led to this shutdown. Admittedly yes, it’s hard to connect with such issues while having the time of my life abroad. But every article I read about the government shutdown has me more and more convinced that either our Government is an expert at being extraordinarily inefficient or something seriously needs to be done about “working-together”.

I realize this may sound a bit harsh. And of course, it is meant to.

No Republicans, your debates about the house bill are not unimportant.

No Democrats, your fight for the citizens of our country and their insurance is just as important.

But I’m sorry, that does not warrant a government shutdown, just because one or both parties cannot put down their hackles for one moment to talk about serious issues, like the 800,000 people losing their jobs. Or the billions of dollars in tourism that our country is losing every day that we slip into this mode of “shutdown”.

Perhaps I’m not being clear though. It’s easy for people in office to dismiss these things. To say that they are holding their heads high to handle this “Obamacare death bill” while suffering is a lie. A flat out lie. And just so anyone reading this blog knows – Congressmen, the President – Everyone gets paid no matter if the government is shut down.

But blame is not strictly reserved for the House and Senate.

As much as I enjoy the President’s speaking style, and his finesse involving international affairs, the attitude that he has displayed upon receiving the news that the government is shutting down, yes President Obama, it is shutting down, is not what I expected. There was no “We will work with the Republicans to address their complaints while compromising with Democrats so that we can get the economy moving back” speech. No. There was simply a statement about how the GOP is to blame, and that they are “holding the economy hostage”.

And I’m not ashamed to say that I do think, to an extent, the GOP has a high percentage of blame. But that does not mean that Democrats should be holding their hands up in surrender while Obama prattles on about the Affordable Care Act.

As though that was more important than flu shots for kids.

As if it was more important than Veteran pensions.

No, President and Congress. The blame rests squarely on all of your shoulders. 33.3% for everyone involved. And the fact that they are still debating over making bills that only fix certain parts of the shutdown instead of fixing it, that just makes it worse. I simply do not understand a government that operates on a shutdown basis, as we inch closer and closer to the debt ceiling, and stick their fingers in their ears while the country cries out in protest.

So please fix it. Whether that means (and I know that this is a stretch) doing your job and actually working together for the first time in 2 presidential terms or biting the bullet and making concessions you did not plan on making, don’t sit around complaining about Obamacare or whatever it politicians talk about when their district wants them out. Because fighting and not getting anything passed while the government isn’t fantastic, but the country can deal with that. While the government is shut down, and while we must deal with the repercussions of fighting children, people with real lives are losing their jobs and their livelihood because you can’t make up your minds.

From a Concerned Citizen Abroad.

P.S. The Postal Service is separately funded, so don’t think about ignoring this letter.

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