Dresden begins…

I told myself I would get a journal for my experiences in Dresden. That I’d write in it every day and notate things so that I’d never forget my amazing time in this country.

Well, I may have forgotten to bring one.

We arrived yesterday, and after a journey that took so long that I’m still stunned we made it here – Dresden was at our fingertips. I had left at 6am from my home, and after spending about 7 hours at JFK Airport, had taken a flight for 6 hours to Frankfurt. Although I attempted to pack lightly, Lufthansa (in their infinite wisdom) charged me $150 for an overweight baggage, which I cringe at. But regardless, I met up with a friend from German class and my roommate from the previous year – and we were off through security.

Met more friends. Seniors, Sophomores. And ate ridiculously expensive food at JFK. And let me tell you, there is no way food is meant to cost that much! But time flew, and we had soon assembled a group of BU students to get on our double decker plane.

I won’t bore you with details of how my neck is in a serious amount of pain because of my naps, and I won’t regale you with tales of airplane food (although it was pretty good!). But needless to say, we reached Frankfurt, and got to wait or another 3 hours. It was easy though.

We just met up with more BU Students and talked, while waiting for out much smaller plane to Dresden. I discovered there was yet another person who was a BBC and Supernatural fan. (Bonding ensued), and we landed in under an hour.

Picked up luggage and got on bus. Check. Forced to stay up packing and to attend orientation meetings wasn’t really my favourite part of the trip – but we made it through. Proceeding of course, to lead to me falling asleep and missing the trip to the mall. Well, whatever. In a grand show of independence (surprise surprise), I walked myself after looking at a map and got just about (almost) everything I needed.

We went to a bar that night. We had 3 boots (or Stiefel) and Stephanie and I each had our own pint of Fledschloesschen (German Bier). Yum! I finished off the night fighting a bee that had somehow gotten in my room and eating delicious Sunflower Seed Bread, Grapes, and Chocolate for dinner.

Altogether. Lovely First Day. xx.

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