30 Life London Lessons

I have yet to write about two months in London. It’s actually embarrassing. Not that I consider myself any sort of “real” blogger, but I did hope that I’d have weekly updates on London life, what I learned, how I’ve changed (and I think (hope) that I have), and a bucket load of other things.

That’s probably a bit of high goal. I thought..

So I wrote up the first 30 things I could think of about my experience. It may not be any good, and it’s certainly not comprehensive – but I can tell you it’s all from the heart, and I mean every word of it.

30 Life London Lessons

1. Always live with guys. Best drama-free living experience in recent living memory.

2. Don’t try and do everything, because you certainly won’t succeed – and it will just make you miserable.

3. Make some friends, a new city is no fun to explore by yourself.

4. There are great people everywhere, London to Boston. But there are also horrible people.

5. Go absolutely crazy when and if you can. You’ll have some stories to tell when you get back.

6. Work hard and absolutely throw your heart into what you’re doing.

7. Bring a book with you wherever you go. (This is more life advice)

8. Walk like no other, the train’s a drag.

9. Don’t forget to bike and take advantage of the Boris Bikes (Kensington Gardens to Green Park)

10. Drink, drink and drink tea, with milk of course.

11. Travel, visit everywhere you can – you don’t know when you’ll be back.

12. Immerse yourself. Seriously. Don’t go to Starbucks, don’t be on the internet all the time. Drop the phone and picnic in a park.

13. Complain about having no AC and about the weather (even if it’s the most beautiful day outside) – you’ll blend in.

14. Go out dancing at every club you can think of – and walk back at 4 in the morning while the sun is going up.

15. Pimm it every night.

16. Make sure to see at least ONE theatre production.

17. Change all your spellings from “organization, aluminum and favorite” to “organisation, aluminium, and favourite” – the Brits will love it.

18. Grow a spine – their humor will make you.

19. Don’t bother missing your friends (harsh but true) – they’ll be fine and so will you.

20. Talk to everyone you meet, and you’ll find, despite what others have said, just because you’re American – you won’t be discriminated against.

21. Prove EVERY American stereotype wrong. It’s your chance to right our image.

22. Live every moment like it’s your last. If you’re not careful, life will pass you by.

23. Doctor Who and Sherlock aren’t as well known as they are among the nerds of the US

24. Some of the best people in the world are hidden all over the world. And if you look hard enough – you’ll find them in London.

25. Make sure your tea has biscuits and cake.

26. Take some chances. Do some things that will make your parents cringe – have to do it sometime, so it might as well be there.

27. Don’t say yes to having dinner with a guy if they give you their number and nothing else. It means *ahem* a bit more than that.

28. Shop at Primark, shop in Camden. Walk around the Stable Markets. There’s only one!

29. Always laugh, and always smile- they won’t understand the optimism (and the results are hilarious to watch)

30. Lastly, don’t forget to remind yourself daily you’re in London. You can do whatever you want and you’re in one of the most beautiful cities in the world – make the most of it.

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