The Start of an Adventure Part VIII


Sigh, guys. I’m struggling to plan out a plot. I’m not sure what he’s doing out there. And the only thing I can keep doing is have him meet people and deal with the weirdo in his head. But ack! Conflicted!

Description:  A confrontation and a pleasant experience that quickly turns sour

Knowing he shouldn’t, but unable to struggle with the pain, Louis stared into the unforgiving face before hanging his head in a defeated gesture. And even as he began to contemplate other ways of tricking the man, fingers of thought began to work their way into his mind. Small ones that made him shiver as they travelled to find the names the man sought.

“It’s Clark” Louis burst out all in a rush, “My last name’s Clark and my parents are Emilia and Tomkin”

“Ah, Emilia and Tomkin Clark. Not who I’d thought.” the man said softly, he stared at the boy, “And you’re not tricking me, boy?” he asked aggressively

“No, no” he cried, attempting to move away, “I don’t want it to hurt anymore. Please. Please stop it”

The man straightened, letting Louis cower alone. He gave the boy a sneer,

“We won’t be meeting again, but tell anyone about this and it will be your death” he said harshly,

“No, no I won’t. Will…” he hesitated, “Will you let her go? She didn’t do anything to you”

The man let out a bark of laughter but conceded,

“I will let her go, for now. For insurance though, boy, keep that charm on. Something seems familiar about you, and although I will probably not visit in person again. I’d like to know where you are”

“Of course” Louis said quickly, “Anything for her”

The man laughed again, but this time there was a nasty tinge about it,

“For next time” he said, “My name is Horuber the Black”

And he vanished. It was only seconds until Louis felt the strange sensation of waking up, every nerve in his body standing to attention until his eyes opened to see Bernard’s worried expression. He made to stand, but was pushed back down by the warrior,

“No, you’re weak, Louis” he said, putting a hand to his forehead sighing, “With fever most likely”

He wanted to say something. He really did. But there was something holding him back from telling the man he trusted about the dream. Even though he had lied and felt somewhat safe in his deception, there was the nagging feeling that wouldn’t go away. If Horuber, or whatever his name was, found of his lie, there would be something terrible coming. He couldn’t shake it. Almost to the point where he debated falling back asleep just to correct the lie.

He managed to stop himself doing that. But his nights of recovery were fraught with nightmares entirely separate from the man, and he would wake up every night with a sweat. His days were filled with silence while Bernard told him of days at the home of his family. The family he had never known. He would listen, spellbound as the man talked wistfully.

“They were lovely.” he said, wiping his eyes briefly, “The two kindest people you’d ever meet. And the house was always full of music. I have memories of just dancing for hours, listening to the best damned music in the world. I don’t know what it was or where it came from, but it was beautiful. And you were always smiling. Not that you don’t now. But then it was brighter. And even though I was just a guard, they included me in everything they did. Nights full of food and drinking and play. I can imagine nothing grander ever now”

His eyes were full of tears as he spoke, as memories floated by the by. It was riveting to watch as Louis felt excluded. It was as though Bernard had his own storage of memories of his parents and he had none. How was that fair? A steady yet sturdy anger built inside him and it rose to a roar. Before he could control it, it burst out of him like fire. A wind stronger than any he’d seen slammed Bernard into a wall and kept him there as the man was knocked out like a light.

Louis sat there breathing hard, staring in fear at what he’d done. Hands shaking, he picked up his things and carefully walked away from the sight of devastation. He realized as he walked away that he would also have to handle the charm. If the devastation was as bad as it looked, then Horuber would know about it by now.

He heard an internal voice scream, You lied to me, you silly boy, before he ripped off the charm and walked into the darkness of the forest, alone. As it had always been.

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