Trying Out Tolkien Part VIII


Fun times, this story is quickly growing to be my favorite. Do tell me how you found it though : )

Description: Now that truth is revealed, the past must be discovered.

He came out of the trance slowly. As though he had been sleeping for a decade. As his eyes reformulated to his surroundings, he saw at once the two men that helped bring him back. Ipsil and Paaren, strangers before, they were now friends. He jumped up at once to greet them. Hugs were exchanged and claps on the back before he sat down again.

“How did this even happen, Voe?” Ipsil asked quietly, “The last time I saw you was…”

“Was when I was being led to prison” Voe finished for him, rubbing his chin thoughtfully, “That’s my last coherent thought, before it all changes to when I became ‘Evan’, the apprentice assassin”

“Who would do that?” Paaren added in, “You’re of more use bribed now then you ever were back then. Did I tell you how many times I could have gotten the drop on you?” he chuckled, “it was disgraceful”

“The one person I could think responsible was the Arms-Master” he mused, thinking back to the many memories he had with the elder man, “He spent the most time with me, and he was the one who gave me this task”

“But he must have known this would happen” Ipsil cut in, “He knew we were out here. Knew that we’d find you and bring you back”

Voe leaned back in his chair, thinking deeply before suddenly coming to a quick realization,

“The letter” he said softly, and stood suddenly, surprising his friends, “It’s the letter” he repeated confidently,

“What letter, Voe?” Paaren asked cautiously,

“Oh, Oh that would make the most sense” Ipsil said, his eyes opening wide too,

“As Evan” Voe said furiously pacing, “I would never think to open it. But the moment I was restored to who I was meant to be, I’d open it in a heartbeat”

They all sat down slowly, watching as he pulled the letter out of his inner pocket and opening it without fuss,

Dear Evan,

If events have passed in the manner I think that they should have, this letter should correctly be addressed to Voe Pattora. If not, then please disregard this. It is meant for the King and not for a lowly servant boy. 

Continuing on, if you have retrieved the full extent of your memories, I am so sorry. Although it was not I who committed this crime, you were given to me weeks after the deed was done. I was told to watch you and mold you into a weapon. A task which I did take, but as you saw. I could no longer bear the strain. 

Every day looking at you, knowing the good you did our community, knowing how dedicated you were, I had to act. By the time you read this, I will most likely be dead, executed by a king who cares more for weapons than I do myself. But I have done this for the greater good. I have given you time, time to leave without the kingdom being raised to an uproar searching for you. 

I hope you have made it someplace safe. And though you were merely Evan to me, my apprentice, I know you are my master twenty times over. You are an inspiration to us all. Do not stop fighting.

I must go. You are watching me with eyes like a hawk. Good. Be safe. Be quick. 

Arms-Master Lobner

Tears prickled his eyes. And he passed the letter to his two comrades to read. It was a consolation that the Arms-Master had not been the one to have betrayed him so, but it hurt to know his body probably lay in pieces because of what he did. He turned in time to both his friends, watching them closely.

“Good to know we have people everywhere” Paaren was first to break the silence, “I am sorry, old friend. But glad that he did what he must”

“As am I” Ipsil intoned, “At great cost, he must honor him tonight”

“Of course” he said, placing the letter back in his cloak, “But the morrow after, we must find who did this to me. Face them and find who would have the gall to make me a weapon. I would have your word”

“On my life” Ipsil said at once, placing his weary hand over his heart,

“On all things I hold pure” Paaren responded

And he stared at them both for a moment. Watched them closely before letting a smile spread across his face. His friends, his friends were here, and nothing could go wrong.

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