The Start of an Adventure Part VII


Sorry this is a bit late… my bad. Trying the music thing again, but it’s raining and believe me, that is OH SO distracting. Anyways, enjoy (tell me allll about it), I’ll be off!


Description: Louis deals with the pain, the dreams, but can he deal with the man in them?

Louis sprang out of bed with a gasp. His eyes burned something terrible and his the place where the charm met his chest was filled with a sort of ghostly pain. As he fumbled with it, he looked down to realize there was a red mark where the charm had been. It was an ugly red, dark and throbbing with a continuous pain. Knowing he should tell Bernard, he made to get up. But something stopped him. Arrogance. The twirls and strands of it wrapped around his head and heart, making him stop in his tracks. What would the man think? Treat him like some sort of mentally unstable patient, or ignore him? Either sounded hellish.

Remaining standing in the same position, it was only when the sun began to rise that he lay back down. A pang of guilt swam in his consciousness but he ignored it. The only thing he could think about was Sophie. Her pained face floated in front of his own, and the scream she emitted as her hand was connected with the other mans echoed in his ears.

For a moment he fell asleep. And the screams continued. He looked forward and all he could see was the man’s face. A hooded figure with eyes black as night,

“I await you, little one” it said, before Louis felt his head explode with pain again.

Then he was awake again. Deep breathes, soothing and calming ones that kept him sane.

Just as he was about to fall asleep again, fear snapped him awake. What awaited him in the darkness of dreams, what foul demon from abroad? Keeping a steady grip on his arm, he waited through the morning hours until Bernard awoke. Every second that he even thought he was giving in to the sleepiness, he would pinch himself. Over and over again. Till all he could see on his arm were the marks he had created. He would not cry. He kept telling himself. But tears leaked out of his eyes from sleep deprivation or from pain he would not know.

“Time to get up” Bernard’s voice echoed from a distance, outside the cabin.

Louis rose wearily, his limbs feeling something like lead or iron. He walked out of the cabin and dealt with breakfast, cleaning up, the whole shebang. But as they prepared to trudge on, a pang of pain hit him again. He stumbled, grabbing his head as he took deep breaths.

It was only minutes later that he opened his eyes to find Bernard watching him wearily. With a look that clearly screamed ‘explain’, Louis began to tell him all that had occurred. The dream, every detail burned into his mind, and the night he had experienced after. The man sat there for a second before hitting him lightly.

“You stupid boy” he said half-heartedly, “I really can’t say anything though. Because that is pretty much what I would’ve done. Just, don’t beat yourself up about it. And try to tell me things next time”

Louis gave him a strained smile, trying to ignore the rising feeling in his gut that Bernard thought his not telling him was some form of admiration or courage. He knew, deep down, that it was in fact arrogance, that he wouldn’t expose himself to the criticism, but he kept silent. No one must know.

A tingling sensation built in his gut for a moment, before he felt the telltale signs of pain approaching. Before Bernard could help, he felt the blackness overcome him. Louis was back. Back on the hill, back with the girl and the man that wouldn’t go away.

“Hello there” the man said calmly, pleasantly even,

“Um.. hello” he responded, attempting to calm his nerves,

“This won’t go away, you know” the man interrupted, “These dreams. I just need one tiny thing. Just so I’m certain, Tell me the names of your parents”

The eyes burned into Louis, who tried to turn away, but found himself unable to.

“Bethaila and Timothy Lowell” he coughed out,

The man laughed.

“Do you really think I’m that stupid? I know that you’ve got other ones” he sneered, “Just tell me and this can all be over. I’ll leave you alone.. for now” he conceded,

“I’m telling the truth” Louis cried, feeling tears come to his eyes, “They raised me, I’m their child”

“Tell me” the man spoke softly now, and kneeled down next to him, “How long do you think you can hold out? No one is coming for you, we have all the time in the world, and I’m not shy about getting what I want”

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