Trying out Tolkien Part VI


Quick overview for those of you who discover this: there is a category on the side full of these stories so you can catch. Please tell me what I can change, fix, or adjust, I’m still working on actually knowing how to write. But I’m slowly becoming more attached, which is really a good thing in the long run, right?

Description: A new task at hand that will help him remember… what?

The next morning, Evan did his best to focus on being a distant helper on the journey. The attempt to make no eye contact and not engage in conversation was lost on Ipsil. The magician, or whatever it was they called themselves, was helpful to a fault. Always working with strangers and discussing his plans to travel abroad to make a difference or such nonsense, it was really starting to grate on his nerves. Because the more he saw Ipsil being friendly, the more he thought of the golden-eyed man who visited him last night, he determined, in his dreams. Must be another magician, he thought in disgust, there’s everywhere.

It was to his surprise then, when they reached the city next on the list. Saere, the city of the miners. He had never been someplace more ordinary. While he had always know of magic and seen it, there had never been a place where it had been near non-existent. Not like Saere. The telltale signs of smoke columns and the rusty smell of sulfur gave the place away miles before they actually reached it, long time enough for Ipsil to regal the caravan with tales of a city underground.

“You know that some of them were ever born in their caverns, never seen the sun” he was telling them, waving his arms back and forth like he was a conductor in an orchestra of the highest pedigree.

“Well we’re here, Ipsil. Better stop your gossip” one of the men let out a bark of laughter, “If half of what you say is true”

Ipsil looked insulted but did stop talking as the caravan rolled into a station. They all stepped out to unload when a booming voice rang throughout the car,

“All travelers must submit themselves to a security check before unloading any items”

“What’s this nonsense now?” the owner grunted out, “There hasn’t been security checks here, never before. This is where I do all my black market dealings, better not be another raise in tariff prices”

Evan chuckled softly but did as bade by the voice. They presented themselves individually where a man stared at them and felt them up for weapons and then searched their bags for contraband. As he walked outside, Evan found himself face to face with a guard, his eyes a steady shade of blue. Before he could breathe a sigh of relief, the guard let out a wheeze. His gut clenched and as he stared the guard in the eye again, he could not fail to notice the obviously golden eyes watching him.

“Am I supposed to remember you?” he said softly, looking the man up and down,

“No” the voice issuing from the man was conveyed in a sigh, “All will be revealed with time, but if you do want to remember, there is a task you must complete” seeing Evan give the affirmative, he continued, “You ran into a man a few days ago, a common petty thief. He is not what he seems and you will meet him again soon, perhaps in this city, perhaps in the next, but talk to him. He has the answers to the questions I know you are seeking”

He watched the man closely, giving a start when he eyes suddenly flickered back to blue,

“Ah yes where were we? Hands up, Legs out, that’s it. Try not to squirm”

As he returned to the caravan, he noticed Ipsil watching him closely. He walked up to him, and whispered

“A golden-eyed man has given me a task, one that I must undertake to remember”

The magician nodded slowly before giving him a smile,

“That is one task I am happy to assist in”

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