The Start of an Adventure Part VI


The music musing seems to be working.. for me at least! What do you think? I’ve always been a fan of dream related enemies, seems to give them an omnipresent feeling (and that’s always a good thing!)

Description: Dreams and an unknown enemy

When he returned to the inn, Bernard was in a state of fury. Chairs were tossed across the room as though they were pieces of paper and it almost looked as though someone ransacked the place. Louis edged in the side door carefully and waited patiently while Bernard finished his tantrum. Turning around to face the object of his anger, he stalked up menacingly,

“Where were you last night?” he asked, taking care to school his voice somewhat cautiously,

“With a friend, what’s my business is my business” he answered, attempting not to sound too impertinent

“Obviously. Though, I did realize that I may have been slightly drastic and revealing that you may have certain skills. I will explain this later when we are further on the way” Bernard said, before handing him his pack, “Off we go”

Louis stood still, hardly daring to believe his luck. He expected to be booted back home, to be handed his pack and told he was on his own. Scrambling around, he followed the larger man out of the room and throughout the city, not noticing the steady burn of the charm on his skin.

As they left the city and entered a forest pathway, he realized Bernard was intent on stopping someplace here for the night. As he realized that the time for their long overdue conversation approached, he cleared his throat,

“Bernard, what did you mean last night, about gifts?” he inquired hesitantly,

For once, the man seemed truly lost for words, but as he cleared his head, he began to speak slowly and haltingly, almost as though he himself did not want to reveal this information, rather that something, someone else was making him,

“Louis. I have known your family for longer than you have been born. You may think, well I’m not sure what you think, but the family you spent the majority of your life with is not yours. They volunteered to take you in after I came to their door with you, merely a babe, in my hands. Your real family has been dead for a long time. Julianne and Roger Minottune. Killed in the back, I was sworn to take care of you for life, but the only way I could do that was to not be near you. For the enemies that surrounded your parents knew me and so I knew it was only a matter of time before you were lost. You gifts come from them, you were born, as many are, with gifts that mean you can control the elements or that you can wander inside your own mind and create things that did not previously exist.”

Louis was lost for words. He had not expected this. But as he felt his heartbeat rising, he knew that he could not simply run away again. A previously unknown strength emerged from his limbs and he began to talk,

“If all this is true, and I do not doubt it is, why wait so long to come forward? I have felt the urge to leave for many seasons now. And again, how were you at Old Man Sahler’s house that one night just as I was there. It does not make sense”

“It does though” Bernard said wearily, “I am sworn to secrecy on such matters. A vow so powerful that it would take my live were I to break it. All I can say is that I have been there, waiting for you to leave for many days.”

Silence fell. Louis mulled over such thoughts in his head slowly. It was almost too much to think about, that his family was not his own. That this man had been waiting for his bravery to assert itself his whole life. They set up camp in silence, and ate dinner while Louis said not one single word. As the two of them prepared for sleep, Bernard turned to his younger companion,

“Will you promise not to depart? Now that you know, it is of the utmost importance that you do not wander off” he asked softly,

“I will not leave” Louis said determinately, “If I have a job to do, then I will stick around to complete it”

The two of them fell into their respective sleeps. But while Bernard slept in the void of no dreams, Louis found himself on the same hill where he had spent the night with that girl, Sophie, her name was. It was empty, but as he made to stand and explore his surroundings, something gripped him and froze his limbs. Struggling to get out, he saw a hooded figure approach, carrying a sleeping figure over his shoulder.

As he struggled to wake up, leave the dream, do anything, the man leaned down and whispered into his ear. The fight left him at once. Louis stared up wide-eyed at this stranger as he dropped the sleeping figure in front of him. A flash of Sophie’s face appeared to him and he watched in horror as the hooded man shallowly cut a line in her palm, connecting it to his own bleeding palm.

Suddenly he keeled over, pain beyond imagining emanated from the charm he carried. But he could not remove it, he could not move and was forced to watch through tear-filled eyes as the man laughed and laughed and laughed.

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