Trying Out Tolkien Part V

And the story continues… For reference to older posts, there is now a category on the side for “Trying out Tolkien”. Let me know how it is and if there’s anything you think should/would/could happen : ) I’d appreciate it!

Description: A companion or an enemy gained?

Fear coursed through his veins. He tried to scramble away, but his arms made no movement, the only change being the slow widening of Ipsil’s smile.

“Come now” he said, tutting, “No need to be rude. I will release you once you stop attempting to escape”

Evan willed his arms to be still, to allow the adrenaline to seep out of his pores and he took in a breath. Suddenly finding himself able to move, he wriggled his toes and fingers once before turning to look at the man.

“We can talk” he said, narrowing his eyes, “But let me ask a question first, how do you know my name?”

“There are those of us whom have powers beyond imagining, dear boy. I am one such being. Such is why I can stop your pitiful attempts to flee and see what you carry” his eyes burned with curiosity. “What does the paper say?”

Evan looked at him strangely, he hadn’t even thought to look. The paper was secure inside his top pocket, but he had not thought of betraying his master’s trust.

“I don’t know” he said, “I didn’t bother to look”

The man drew back in his seat thoughtfully, before a slight smile crossed his face. Evan watched all this carefully, waiting for even the slightest moment of weakness so that he could strike.

“Don’t bother” said Ipsil dismissively, “You won’t get far running if you try to attack. But as to other matters, I will travel with you. I have a certain interest for what is contained in that envelope, and it has been sealed with magic of the highest caliber, so that none but the recipient and messenger can open it. As for your name, I am surprised you do not recognize me”

He looked disappointed with a small quirk of amusement. Evan stared at him, chagrined by the man’s knowledge.

“Why would I let you come with me?” he asked, “You have attacked me, used some kind of heathen magic on me and want whatever it is I carry with me.”

Before he could carry on, the soon-to-be-companion let out a bark of a laugh,

“I barely attacked you” he scoffed, “I want only to ensure that letter is delivered to the recipient, the best to do that, it seems, is to follow you in your quest”

Uncertain in his thoughts, Evan merely remained quiet so that the two of them descended into a heavy silence. They remained like that for a while. Finally, as the sun began its slow fall into the horizon, he spoke, forcing his voice to remain calm and collected.

“You may, of course, come with me on this journey. But I want your assurance that you will protect me, as I will protect you, that you will not lead me knowingly into danger and that your intentions, whatever they be, are not to the harming of myself”

Ipsil remained still for a moment, before nodding,

“Those are… acceptable terms, more than I would have expected from an apprentice. I will do as you ask”

Despite the promise of safety and trust, Evan stayed awake long into the night. His hand lay tightly gripping his sword and any sleep he got was plagued by dreams of paralysis and cold.

“You do well with the terms you stipulated” a quiet voice startled Evan from sleep. But he made no noise, merely opened his eyes and stared at a short man, acknowledging his words,

“You do not recognize me either, it is one of your failings. But soon” he said again, almost as if repeating the words to himself, “Soon you will remember everything. Things will be corrected”

As the quiet man looked at Evan, the young boy’s eyes widened. His eyes were golden, something you would expect to see on a coin, and not on a man’s face. But before he could say a word, he blinked and the man was gone. He was alone.

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