The Start of an Adventure Part III


Hope you strangers and friends are enjoying reading this as much as I enjoy writing it. Because let’s be honest here… I’m sort of in love with Bernard already even though I know just as much about him as you readers do.

If you have just found this story, there should a link on the side of the blog with a link to the series where I’ve put all of them together.

Description: Louis certainly didn’t imagine who he’d meet going into his friend, Old Man Sahler’s home.

They all made their way into the living room and seated themselves upon different chairs while both Bernard and Old Man Sahler looked at Louis.

“Well, Mr. Sahler” he began,  before being cut off my the old man’s chuckles,

“It’s just Jon, my son, no need for formalities”

Louis blushed, letting his youth creep up on himself before continuing to speak.

“Jon” he said, the word tasting strange on his tongue, “You know how it is. I need to get out of the town, I can’t take it here anymore. I’ve told my parents I’m off to visit friends for a few days, but what I really want is to visit Driscoll. I see it every night from my window. Many strange and amazing tales have been told about it, from its insides to the lands beyond. I’ve packed as much as I need, and I’m ready. All I ask of you is that I can stay here for the night” finishing in a beseeching plee,

Jon sat silently for a second, sipping at some tea. He had never looked his age to Louis until now. Deep cracks of lines ran across his face and his eyes appeared hooded with the passage of time.

“Oh Louis” he sighed, “Did it have to be now?”

Feeling as though the answer was rhetorical, he did not answer. Instead he preferred to sit silently, watching the old man think with wide eyes. Bernard coughed quietly, and Louis did not miss the sharp glance that Jon passed him, almost as if he knew what the thoughts passing through Bernard’s head but dared him to speak.

At last Jon let out a sigh. He turned to Bernard, the tall friend seeming to fill up the majority of the room with his looming presence.

“Perhaps this would do”

“Indeed” the large man said, nodding wisely, “I do need someone after all, and I’m sure you’d feel safer for that than for him to travel alone”

“You think truly” said the old man, before turning to Louis, who felt thoroughly confused by the whole business, feeling like an article to be bought and sold rather than a human boy.

“My friend, here, Bernard, is travelling to Driscoll and other lands” this said sardonically, “And would be happy to have you along. He’s a good man, I can vouch for that. And it makes me feel safer, putting you into his hands than having you wander out into the night with nothing but a pack for protection”

“Don’t think it’s easy” the giant man warned, “I will ask things of you, we cannot speak of it here in the open, but think of what kind of life you are counting yourself to. I will need someone for at least a full year’s span before even thinking about releasing you”

“Would I be a servant then?” asked Louis defiantly, “Answerable only to you?”

A roar of laughter emerged from the man’s mouth,

“Servant? No, no dear god, do I look like a brute to you? No, you’d be a helper, an assistant of sorts. I have much business to complete in the East and with only myself, there is much chance of failure.”

Louis looked down ashamed, but as he began to mull the idea over in his mind, the more he liked it. Protection, Work, and the ability to travel beyond Driscoll was a dream he had not imagined in his wildest dreams. He stayed still, before making up his mind.

“Yes.” he remarked softly, “I’d like that, quite a lot”

The elder man looked resigned, but in a pleased way while Bernard looked neither troubled nor overly happy. It was a strange sort of feeling, Louis thought to himself, where one was excited but surrounded by tense silence. But he ignored it all, he was going on an adventure, one which he had been dreaming about his entire life.

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