The Start of an Adventure Part II

Feeling attached to your brief stories is never a good idea… But somehow it’s happened twice with these ones. Adventure is fun to write and to continue it is even more fun! I hope you enjoy it : ) Here’s the first chapter thing: The Start of an Adventure

Description: Louis leaves home to enter an unfamiliar world, who knows who or what he will meet there

The next morning, Louis took to his work with vigor. Farming was all he had known of life, and if he was really to leave in the next couple of days or so, he wanted to get as close as he could to the fine art that his so-called family had dedicated their lives to. His father noticed too. Come lunchtime, the elder man eyed his son strangely,

“What’s caused this new attitude?” he asked, curious into a new insight

“Nothing” the younger shrugged, “Just trying to see what farming is all about”

They paused for a moment, before Louis eyed his father again,

“I’m going to see Old Man Sahler tomorrow, if you don’t mind” he said hesitantly, “Probably stay the night, I want to visit a few of my friends too, if you don’t mind me taking a week away.”

“Don’t flatter yourself, Louis” his father chuckled, “We’ll do just fine without you. Though, why? You’ve never wanted to visit your friends for so long before”

“Well, we’re all growing up so quickly. I think I’m slowly finding that soon, none of us will be able to leave our farms and I won’t get the chance to really be friends, rather business partners. Better to take the time now” he said thoughtfully, while his father watched him balefully.

“Let your mother and I know when you’re leaving then, she’ll want to say good-bye”

He breathed a sigh of relief, feeling as if he had fooled his father. Unbeknownst to him, his father had seem the telltale signs of his sons gradual shift away from their home. He also knew just how disassociated Louis was from the community. There were friends, family even; but Louis himself just didn’t fit in. It was as though he came from different blood, or that a different pathway lay before him. He was not one to stand in the way of destiny, and what would come, would come regardless.

The day after that saw Louis giving brief farewell hugs to both his mother and father. Words were barely needed, because both parents understood that this would probably be the last time they saw their son for a very long time.

“Safe travels, the second decade of any man’s life is an important and worthwhile time” his father uttered and passed him a warm hat and hand knitted gloves,

Louis offered a strained smile before turning towards the house belonging to Old Man Sahler. He decided he would visit the elderly man before making his way towards Driscoll. What could it hurt? The old man was a friend, or as close to a friend that Louis had ever had.

His journey to the home was quick and without trouble or stress. He paid little attention to the dropping temperature and was soon grateful to his fathers gifts as he shivered in the night. But it was not long before the warm and inviting lights of the cabin were visible. He walked up and knocked on the door, and put on his most pathetic and pitiful smile as the entryway creaked open.

The man standing the light was not Old Man Sahler. It was not, in fact, any man who Louis had ever seen before. He was tall and wiry with eyes sharper than a swords edge and cheeked hollowed out by time. He wore old travelling gear that looked worn, but sturdy. The man watched him closely, before calling back into the house,

“Old man, a young boy is here to see you”

“It’s Louis” he cut in, “Louis Lowell”

“Ah, Louis. Please, come on inside. I was not expecting guests so you’ve caught me a bit off guard” the old man wobbled to the door, “Come, Bernard, my young friend is probably freezing”

The man moved aside reluctantly, watching Louis enter and place his things down with a wary eye,

“Now tell me” said Old Man Sahler, “What is it that Bernard and I can do for you this night?”

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