The Start of an Adventure

Just something I cooked up while thinking about long-winded adventure stories and heroes. Enjoy : )

Description: The beginning sequence of a long drawn out adventure (or something similar). We’ve got the classic young boy with his identity dilemma off to see the world, with a bit too much innocence to be useful

Driscoll was an unforgiving place for a woman. A low slums city, there was no elite section and no clean areas to speak of. And for a woman, let’s just say that there was only so much one could do to feel safe. The streets were filthy, swarming with thieves, beggars and robbers alike. As for the honest ones, there were little to be found. After all, what was there to be done when every business transaction went broken, every trade deal squandered.

At night the city reeked of malice. Streets were no longer packed and eyes shone out from deserted alleyways, so much so that the alleyways didn’t appear to be deserted at all. The king and queen stayed holed up in the castle on the hilltop, never coming down to the city. Most of the citizens didn’t even know the face of their ruler, not that it really mattered. Visitors were robbed, citizens were robbed and the only way to survive in Driscoll was to sink to the lowest of low.

Louis Lowell had little knowledge of that when he planned out a journey from the countryside. A small-time farmer boy, he had known nothing but the steady beat of the sun on his back and the good ethics of work. He was a sturdy boy, with jet black hair and eyes of gold that made him a target. His parents, Bethaila and Timothy, spoke little of his heritage.

And as a young boy, this made him curious. He had always worked on the farm for as long as he could remember so phrases like thieves or beggars meant little to him. As was often his pastime, the sunlight waned and Louis sat on a stack of hay. The city of Driscoll seemed so close when it was almost nightfall, a gleaming pile of lights and buildings seeming to almost shine out like a beacon in the darkness.

“Are you really going?” the sound of a voice he knew well did not disturb him and he turned to look at his longtime friend, Tomkin Verondas.

“Well I want to” he confessed, “I’ve saved up as many gold coins for a very long time, so yes. I think I will go” A silence fell over the barn, before he spoke again in almost a whisper, “Can you see it? How beautiful it must be. I think each of those windows has a lord and lady waiting within, kindhearted souls wishing to meet someone new. And see the fires burning, I suppose those are warming so that an everyday hard worker can set himself down and really feel safe at night.”

“I hope it’s really like that” Tomkin said, smiling nervously, “When you come back, you will tell me all about it, right?”

Louis turned to face his friend, and he seemed almost hesitant now,

“I’m not sure if I’m going to be back soon. I’ve known for a while that I don’t belong here. Farmer work is fine, it’s my family that I know is off. My parents look nothing like me, and the people of the village have acted strangely around me since I was a babe. Surely you’ve noticed it?”

“Of course” his friend said, becoming quiet, “Who wouldn’t? But do me a favor” he said pleadingly, “Say goodbye, don’t just run off.”

Louis smiled warmly before clapping his friend on the shoulder, “Wouldn’t dream of it”

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